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KnottspeedEnigmatic charming and brutally resourceful Knottspeed is a man on a mission He also happens to be dead but the rumors of his demise have been slightly exaggerated by the man himself as the key to his planA problem solver a finder of lost people and rare. 45 stars Knottspeed Tay Tay Fencepost These are just a few of the vivid and colorful characters that populate the novel Knottspeed A Love Story It will be hard to forget them Knottspeed is an enigma but one thing that IS known is that he's a charmer He and his enigmatic statement I'm here to do good What does that even mean uote His skill in deception hinged on his every word being entirely possible I was soon to learn Everything he said was always true but he was never ever talking about what you thought he was The way in which this story was told was close to brilliant but I admit to being confused after the first third The second portion took an entirely different direction and I could not see how the two connected until the very end of part 2 But part 3 Everything comes together so well and at the White Palace too it couldn't have been perfect I'm not ashamed to admit it brought a tear to my eye Within this novel you will find real people both good and bad but Knottspeed connects with them all You'll find taco stands and smog in LA You'll find heavy rains dry tree limbs cabbies lots of cigarettes and a phenomenal house party with a menu that's out of this world I can picture it all without a hitch and I think you'll be able to as well It's hard to say much else without spoiling anything because this story needs to be related as the author intended otherwise some of the magic will be lost But if you sit back and let Mr Johnson guide you through this noir ish feeling deranged world of memorable characters you will be rewarded with that feeling you can only get from a great book Highly recommended You can get your copy here Knottspeed A Love StoryThanks to Turner and Edelweiss for the free digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback

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Things and an accomplished criminal Knottspeed is experiencing Big Love for the first time in his life and his elaborately orchestrated plot to reunite with his beloved will profoundly affect everyone he meets including a rudderless alcoholic piano playe. This was a real FAST PACED Reuiem for a dream Spun Type Just alcohol shenanigans with a old drunkard and Indian Named Fence post Fun read

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summary Knottspeed ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ä ❰Epub❯ ➟ Knottspeed Author Jeff Johnson – Enigmatic charming and brutally resourceful Knottspeed is a man on a mission He also happens to be dead but the rumors of his demise have been slightly exaggerated by the man himself as the key to his R a wealthy dispassionate doctor and an amiable but desperate cab driver From the bars and graveyards of Portland Oregon to the taco stands and charity hospitals of East Los Angeles Knottspeed is the uncompromisingly offbeat story about the momentum of lo. What happens when crazy meets insane You get Knottspeed In the beginning we are introduced to FB the alcoholic piano player living in the basement on the day Knottspeed moves in FB doesn’t have much going for him and he’s a little pathetic but when Knottspeed offers to pay him for a little help he finds himself with to deal with than any one person needs This is pretty much Knottspeeds M O Anytime he needs something he finds the nearest person and recruits them into his service Much of the time Knottspeed’s choices seem random and even pointless but there’s always a reason why he chose the person he did for each event In the end he gives back to each of his recruits by helping them with things they’ve been struggling with themselves I was highly amused throughout part one because watching Knottspeed and FB work their way through the day finding food excitement and clothing is a bit like watching slapstick comedy Anything that can go wrong does Not that any of that stops them from achieving their goals eventually However when part two started the switch in narrators left me confused and a little lost That said when the author brings the two narrators – FB and Dr Resner – together it all falls into place rather uickly This is also about where I finally discovered where the ‘love story’ part of the novel came into play Despite my confusion regarding a large part of the plot I found Knottspeed to be highly enjoyable and engaging The novel is stuffed full of uniue interesting and sometimes unstable characters The kind of people that you only hope to find in fiction Because if you ran into any of these guys in real life you’d be in trouble It was fascinating watching the friendship between FB and Knottspeed develop in its own uncommon way I also loved the way the plot finally came together becoming clear in a flash of light for me If you enjoy unconventional stories with even bizarre characters then Knottspeed A Love Story is an excellent choice DISCLAIMER I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review