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ePub Ò The Sales Bible ç New Edition Read È [PDF / Epub] ★ The Sales Bible, New Edition: The Ultimate Sales Resource Author Jeffrey Gitomer – Goproled.co.uk The Sales Bible softbound NEW EDITION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA ANSWERS Global sales authority Jeffrey Gitomer's bestselling classic The Sales Bible has been updated anVantage Program Jeffrey Gitomer's column Sales Moves and blog SalesBlogcom are read bythan four million people every week His customers include Coca Cola BMW Kimpton Hotels Hilton Wells Fargo Bank IBM Enterprise Rent A Car Hewlett Packard and hundreds of othersThe Sales Bible is your personal trusted authoritative resource to reach your sales potential and shine like a star Accept no substitutes Here are a few highlightsThe 105 Commandments of Selling Generate leads and clo the information on networking blew me completely away I am still in awe I'm looking forward to growing my network two fold and being their guardian angel in all mattersAnother key phrase Writing leads to wealth I love it

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The Sales Bible softbound NEW EDITION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA ANSWERS Global sales authority Jeffrey Gitomer's bestselling classic The Sales Bible has been updated and appended in this new edition offering you the ultimate sales methods and strategies that really work every day in real world selling situations With over 200000 copies of the previous editions sold The Sales Bible was listed as one of The Ten Books Every Salesperson Should Own and Read by the Dale Carnegie Sales Ad The Sales Bible is a very comprehensive book that covers all aspects of the sales cycle Whether you work in a large company with a rigid sales process or a small company selling new products this book will help I haven't read any of Gitomer's other books and found this one to be the latest; hence why I bought it Generally what I have found with authors is that they incorporate all the relevant and good aspects of previous books into the latest bookIt is a fairly easy book to read as it introduces the topic sets out the typical rules commandments or areas of focus in bullet points and follows up with a number of examples My one criticism would be that these rules tend to be repeated across the chapters I like to highlight and take notes in books therefore the duplication became uite frustrating With that being said depending on the reader this could be a good thing for reinforcement of the theoryIt is certainly a book anyone can read including an experienced sales person as there are plenty of points to read and reflect on It really is a bible on the sales process and a great resource to use over and over againThree key takeaways from the book1 How important humour is in the sales process Using humor at the right time and in the right situations is critical for developing relationships and rapport with your customers2 You will fail if you don't do your best learn the science of selling accept responsibility meet a uotagoal or have a positive attitude3 Avoid using these words In the sales conversation 'Honestly' 'Truthfully' 'Frankly' 'uite Frankly' and 'And I mean that' etc

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The Sales Bible New Edition The Ultimate Sales ResourceSe sales in any market environment Find 25 proven ways to set hard to get appointments Use top down selling to fill your sales pipeline with prospects who are ready to buy now Ask the right uestions to makesales in half the time How to use the top social media platforms to create inbound leads and prove valueThe Sales Bible has helped tens of thousands of salespeople all over the world reach their potential and close the deal and it can help you So what are you waiting for? Team was looking for this book in bulk and I was able to score 14 of them on for a sweet deal