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review ↠ Families and How to Survive Them ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB í ❰PDF❯ ✎ Families and How to Survive Them Author John Cleese – What makes a family happy Why do some marriages 'succeed' and others end in divorce How can we free ourselves from the legacy G candidly at everything from our relationships with our parents to why and how we choose our partners no emotional stone is left unturned jealousy rage fear envy love obsession hope and despair all are featured with practical advice on how to turn round a negative situation and bring about change for the bett. This book was a revelation to me On almost every page I found myself exclaiming of course That explains the behaviour of Readers should however be aware that it presents uite a doctrinaire Freudian view of psychology and some things in it are a bit controversial For example most homosexuals will probably disagree with the view that homosexuality is not innate but develops during childhood depending on a child's relationship with its parents I also disagree with the analysis of the causes of depression failure to adeuately grieve The dialogue nature of the book seemingly inspired by Platonic dialogues perhaps gets a bit tedious after a while with John Cleese playing the unusual role of foil to Robin Skynner's Socrates Sometimes John asks Robin easy uestions when you want him to ask challenging ones But these relatively minor uibbles should not detract from the must read nature of this book It's an eye opener If you only have time to read one book about psychology it should be this one

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Es explored in conversation by family therapist Robin Skynner and his former patient and comedian John Cleese Guiding us through the daily issues that confront us all FAMILIES AND HOW TO SURVIVE THEM offers Families and MOBI #198 vital advice in helping each of us to maintain a happy healthy family life Lookin. Books like this are not for reading front to back but for dipping in The publisher didn't seem to realise this so that there are zero aids to navigating the text The contents tell nothing about the content The page folios to show the subjects covered on any given page are excellent but need a paginated contents Or an index There was no index at all in a book crying out for an index The text layout is horrible to follow and messy so it's easy to confuse which voice – John Cleese or Robin Skynner – you are reading It is interesting for sure on the family dynamic and how that plays out in later life If I'd read it when I was say 25 or 30 I'd probably have thought it was groundbreaking breaking as it would have then the ground upon which I was walking at that age At age 60 it's a bit like so much so what even as I embrace change and learning and evolving until the day I pop off I'm a book designer so forgive me for not being able to enjoy a book so badly put together and as I was a book designer in 1983 too and in 1993 and 1997 dates of new print runs that I know of its age is no excuse

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Families and How to Survive ThemWhat makes a family happy Why do some How to MOBI #241 marriages 'succeed' and others end in divorce How can we free ourselves from the legacy of past mistakes and bring about positive change Love sex and marriage and parenthood depression and sadness independence and experience are just a few of the many issu. excellent introduction to psychotherapy using accessible language