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Visual record of changes in attitudes about relationships between gentlemen soldiers cowboys students lumberjacks sailors and practical jokers Spanning from to the everyday Men A Century of Male Epubphotographs that richly illustrate Picturing Men radiate playfulness humor Men A Century eBook #180 and warmth They portray a lost world for American men a time when their relationships with each other. 表紙のレイアウトは、題名と長い副題の文字の配列からなる。これを読めば、内容に関して凡その見当がつく。「写真に写された男たちありふれたアメリカの写真の中に見る、男たちの絆についての100年を検証する」とでも訳すのか?大学教師でもある John Ibsonは、5000点以上にもなる膨大な彼のコレクションから選んで、男たちの様々な間柄を示す写真に学術的解説を施し、この作品を仕上げた。時代は南北戦争1861 1865以前に遡り、1950年代に及ぶ。一番古いものは1853年に撮られたものである。写された人々の年齢、階層、人種も様々、その上写された場所も又様々である。眺めていくうち、今は失われた時代を生きた人々の暮らしや、一緒に写っている人々との関係や、時代背景までが、鮮やかに蘇るのである。友人と、家族と、同僚と、仲間と、チームメートと、グループはそれぞれ異なるけれど、その時々に自分を支えてくれた「友」がいた。そのことが大切なのだと、一枚一枚の写真が教えてくれる。中の一枚、1880年明治13年)に撮られた写真は、日本人とアメリカ人がお互いの衣服を取り替えて写っている。襟にヘンリーネックのシャツが覗くアメリカ人は、羽織袴で扇子まで差している。一方、日本人はと言えば、軍服とわかる制服に平たい帽子を被っている。二人は果たしてどのような間柄だったのか、興味の湧くところである。いずれにしろ彼らはもうこの世にはいまい。しかし、その後の生涯で、しばしば心の支えになったであろうことは、想像に難くない。人と人との繋がりの尊さに思いを馳せると、思わず知らず胸が熱くなるのである。

READ Picturing Men: A Century of Male Relationships in Everyday American Photography

Picturing Men A Century of Male Relationships in Everyday American PhotographyWereintimate than they commonly are today regardless of sexual orientation Picturing Men starkly contrasts the calm affection displayed in earlier photographs with the absence of intimacy in Men A Century of Male Epubphotos from the mid s on In doing so this lively accessible book makes a significant contribution to American history and cultural studies gender studies and the history of photograph. When my son first told me about this book he had seen it briefly at a book signing He told me that it was a collection of old pictures of men together and that it was not meant to be eroticism He was right on both counts but the book is so much than that It is a chronicle historical documentation of a segment of our culture a glimpse of part of who we were as a society that might have been lost had not John Ibson meticulously produced this work Can you imagine that at one time in the not so distant past men of all walks of life cowboys soldiers athletes businessmen felt comfortable enough with each other to display their kinship openly A hand laid firmly on a shoulder or knee an arm draped around another man's neck regardless of sexual orientation these were demonstrations of genuine affection I bought the book because I love black and white photography and for that I knew I would appreciate the book's significance But there is far there; John's commentary on the culture of our times is well researched insightful and extremely well written For historians sociologists collectors and artists this book is a must

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READ Þ Picturing Men: A Century of Male Relationships in Everyday American Photography Ð [PDF / Epub] ★ Picturing Men: A Century of Male Relationships in Everyday American Photography ✪ John Ibson – There was a time in America when two men pictured with their arThere A Century of Male PDFEPUB or was a time in America A Century eBook #9734 when two men pictured with their arms wrapped around each other or perhaps holding hands werent necessarily seen as sexually involveda time when such gestures could be seen simply as those of intimate friendship rather than homoeroticismSuch is Picturing Men Kindle the time John Ibson evokes in Picturing Men a striking. no parece libro de editorial bien editado y maueado parece autoedición hecha de forma digital y de pésima calidad en papel y reproducciones