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How Not to be a Doctor And Other EssaysAt serious subjectsBMA Panel of JudgesI raced through this book laughing nodding highlighting and then read some favourite bits again Every chapter has a gem of wisdom as well as being so very elegantly written and entertainingJenny Rogers Co Author ofCoaching for HealthBursting with wonder and wisdom this seductively readable book imparts courage and joy in eual measureDr Iona Heath CBE Former President Royal College of General Practitioners and author ofThe Mystery of General PracticeGets to the heart and soul of current medical practice Written by a doctor but incorporates life experience and wisdom making it an easy thought provoking readProfessor Jane Dacre President of the Royal College of Physicians. John Launer is my kind of practitioner After 40 years working as a nurse then midwife in the NHS his stories resonate with me intelligent discernment coupled with a humanitarianwholistic relationship and therapeutic use of humour his observations are spot on Wish there were like him Took my kindle out for lunch and sat contentedly alternately chuckling then sighing at his compassionate storytelling Thank you

FREE READ How Not to be a Doctor: And Other Essays

FREE READ ¿ How Not to be a Doctor: And Other Essays ´ [Reading] ➿ How Not to be a Doctor: And Other Essays By John Launer – The essential book on hownotto be a doctor and how to be a better oneDrawn from his popular medical columns over the years John Launer shares fifty of his best loved essays coveThe essential book on hownotto to be PDF #9734 be a doctor and how to be a better oneDrawn from his popular medical columns over the years John Launer shares fifty of his best loved How Not Epubessays covering topics from essentials skills they dont teach you in medical school to his poignant account of being a patient himself as he received treatment for a life threatening illness Taken Not to be MOBI #242 together the stories make the case that being a doctor should mean drawing on every aspect of yourself your interests and your experiences no matter how remote they seem from the medical Not to be a Doctor PDFEPUB or task at handHow Not to Be a Doctorcombines humour candour and the human touch to inform. have purchased multiple copies to give away to young doctors in training we must never forget the humanity of the profession and who we serve

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And entertain readers on both ends of the stethoscopePRAISE FORHOW NOT TO BE A DOCTORAn essential read It is a gemDr Fiona Moss CBE Dean of the Royal Society of MedicineThis collection is warm wise generous thoughtful and thought provoking imbued with a moving humanity which offers inspiration and reassurance in eual measureDr Deborah Bowman MBE BBC Broadcaster and Professor of Medical Ethics and LawWitty and wise Shows how important it is that doctors Not to be a Doctor PDFEPUB or are allowed to be humanKit Wharton author ofEmergency Admissions Memoirs of an Ambulance DriverAn all round excellent book which would appeal to a wide range of healthcare professionals and students a light hearted way of looking. This book may sound dry in its blurb essays are not as cool as say ex doctors tells it like it is why this is going to hurt has been so popular and justly so But it's fascinating And extremely easy to read They are short essays each has a straight forward focus on one thing and at the end you are torn between what's next and reflecting on what you read for a day Insight into why Drs behave they way they do helps humanize them for those of us who are not As a patient I have feared the dismissal they have of context for my symptoms so I tend to avoid them but now I see how it's a coping strategy and one I can break through if I change my behaviour I work with doctors and find the consultant attitude of I'm right others just need to do it my way arrogant and undermining of my expertise This window into how so many Doctors become like that so with a bit of thought I can adopt better coping strategies for me and handling strategies so together we are likely to achieve our goalsIf you have read This is going to hurt and the language of kindness then this make it a great trilogy to shape understanding of why your medic behaves as they do