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The SelfWorth Safari kindle Ú Worth Safari Download Ù ❰BOOKS❯ ⚦ The Self-Worth Safari: Valuing Your Life and Your Work Author John Niland – In your career and work finances and indeed all areas of life experience the transformative power of a key relationship the friendship you have with yIn your career and work finances and indeed all areas of life experience the transformative power of a key relationship the friendship you have with yourselfIn a world obsessed with building self esteem doing activities to improve our reputation with ourselves our sense of well being hinges on performance the whims of good luck and positive outcomes But when we don't measure up to our own tough standards things don't go our way or life falls apart we are called to access a deeper source of resilience that of self worth In The Self Worth Safari author speaker and business coach John Niland invites us on a powerful adventure t The book starts out like reading a novel It hooks you right away while making you think this sounds like me Then the author makes a case of why it is essential to have self worth and how it differs from always striving to be enough I found myself actually giving a sigh of relief wishing that every person on the planet would read this book This is beyond a self help book it is truly a book about why we should be our own best friend

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O uncover this intrinsic state of value which is ultimately untouched by changing fortuneAlong the journey seven self worth shifts reorient our perspective Through simple practical actions we train ourselves to step off the hamster wheel of self esteem and onto the untrodden paths of self worth We move from a stance of self reproach to self acceptance; from constantly evaluating our performance to focusing on our usefulness to clients customers and others; from a preoccupation with being interesting to finding interest in the people and circumstances around us By applying these shifts through six key terrains of life the bod Low self worth and the dysfunctional behaviors that come with it are a global epidemic that must be addressed in schools families workplaces and in our governments Niland clearly outlines the problem explains the important difference between self confidence self esteem and self worth and gives us practice tools to develop an inherent sense of self worth I highly recommend this book

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The Self Worth Safari Valuing Your Life and Your WorkY relationships and family career and work money and status friendship and environment and leisure we develop a faithful ally in challenging times We better rebound from setbacks find new meaning in what we do and honour ourselves as a valuable member of any enterprise or teamAn adept highly knowledgeable and often humorous guide Niland offers stories from his own life and from previous Safari participants to illuminate self worth in action Drawing onthan eighteen years as a business coach he provides a proven path to self worth on which we learn to build confidence trust ourselves and take a new lease on happiness and freed John's insight that self worth is intrinsic to oneself and not dependent my reputation with either myself or with others was an important learning for me Giving myself permission to be my true self rather than to seek to live up to anyone's expectation is liberating and gives me the freedom to be better at what I do and to enjoy life Based on that fundamental principle the book goes on to demonstrate through a series of shifts how we can change our way of thinking about ourselves and very importantly how these shifts can be applied in different areas relationships at work with friends For me applying the principals set out in the book in how I relate to clients and potential clients makes a real change Several of the shifts described in the book are valuable here but perhaps the most important is making the shift from self evaluation to usefulnessThoroughly recommended for anyone who wants to be at ease with him or herself to have better relationships with those around them and to get better results at work