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doc È Parenting by The Book ☆ Biblical Wisdom for Raising Your Child read Ú goproled À ➷ Parenting by The Book: Biblical Wisdom for Raising Your Child Free ➭ Author John Rosemond – With a down to earth warm and humorous style one of AmeriOhn lies in raising children according to biblical principles the same principles that guided parents successfully for hundreds of years They worked then and they still work now In this book youll find practical Bible based advice that will help you be the parent you want to be with children who will be as the Bible promises a delight to your soul Prov 2917 As I read this I was thinking Why didn't I have this book when our child was born? You certainly don't need to be a Christian to get the good from it I order copies of this book to give to everyone who's getting married I tell them Don't wait until you have children to read this it may help preserve your marriage long enough to have children If so it will likely save your marriage again afterwardsBy the way our local newspaper uit carrying Mr Rosemond's syndicated column which is how I first learned of him This is unfortunate since one of his columns is worth nearly all the editorial pages with the comics thrown in

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Eccable manners A pie in the sky fantasy? Not so says family psychologist and bestselling author John Rosemond In the 1960s American parents stopped listening to their elders when it came to child rearing and began listening instead to professional experts Since then raising children has become fraught with anxiety stress and frustration The solution says J great

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Parenting by The Book Biblical Wisdom for Raising Your ChildWith a down to earth warm and humorous style one of Americas top family psychologists sets forth a virtually stress free biblically based system of childrearing that encourages family growth in harmony with Gods Word Picture respectful responsible obedient children who entertain themselves without television or video games do their own homework and have imp This book's enormous amount of common sense and plain Biblical teaching was uite convicting Reading this as a parent I felt like I should know all of this already; I didn't realize just how much of modern psychology regarding child rearing I had absorbed always looking for an underlying issuecause for bad behaviour so that if your child hits you it's actually your fault for not having met some needwant worrying about how my actions might damage my child 10 20 years down the road etc etc What a heavy burden modern child psychology is on parents Your child's fragile psyche is so entirely dependant on every little thing you do according to modern psychology and all the gazillion books on positive discipline that it has spawned that no wonder parents today are so stressed and frazzled And if we are told to never punish our children because they will be traumatized for life then is it any wonder they misbehave? And what about the trauma humiliating temper tantrums in public cause parents? We are supposed to let kids walk all over us and never feel any shame or guilt because it's all just part of their developmentI read through some of the negative reviews here and on and I have to say I have never seen a book not just so grossly misrepresented but actually erroneously represented One review below states that Rosemond advocates spanking infants and teenagers which is simply a lie In his book he clearly states that spanking is appropriate for ages 2 6 Further and much to my surprise as Rosemund is so traditionalist he doesn't even believe spanking is necessary for good parenting He states that many bad parents spank Spanking is just one tool of many and it is often misused especially when overused Moreover he even interprets the rod in the Bible verse spare the rod spoil the child as not referring to physical punishment at all but as a metaphor for discipline actually discipling in general This is the first time I have ever heard a conservative Christian who believes in the infallibility of the scriptures interpret that verse that way And I have to say his explanation is pretty convincing So many of the negative reviews spew vitriol about Rosemund being a proponent of child abuse but they are totally out to lunch If you don't like to spank or do not find spanking effective for your particular child you can still absolutely read this book and apply its wisdom Do not trust the negative reviews This is not a book about to spank or not to spank it's about the revolution in our culture's approach to child rearing over the past 50 years and how it has negatively impacted our children to the point where families as a whole children and parents alike suffer because of it