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free read A Little History of Poetry (Little Histories) ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Î ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ A Little History of Poetry (Little Histories) Author – A vital engaging and hugely enjoyable guide to poetry from ancient times to the preAt poets whose works shape our views of the world such as Dante Chaucer Shakespeare Whitman and Yeats He also looks at recent poets like Derek Walcott Marianne Moore and Maya Angelou who have started to uestion what makes a poem great in the first place For readers both young and old this little history shines a light for readers on the richness of the worlds poemsand the elusive uality that makes them all the enticing. This is just so enjoyable a history written with marvellous judgement and appreciation of the poetry A lot packed into it but one reads without feeling burdened by too much information because what is there is so fascinatingit can be dipped into of course and I am eager to read some of the poems and get to know some of the poets much better too Ò 6 download

Ing language It is language made special so that it will be remembered and valued It does not always workover the centuries countless thousands of poems have been forgotten But this Little History is about some that have not John Carey tells the stories behind the worlds greatest poems from the oldest surviving one A Little History ePUB #180 written nearly four thousand years ago to those being written today Carey looks. Like so much that is English and in English the book is focused at times ridiculously on the minor English at the expense of the great global If you are the sort who sees England and England's English as central this is the book for you Personally sorry I bought it Learned very little I really didn't care that a minor poet went to Brasenose College Oxford If you do buy it

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A Little History of Poetry Little HistoriesA vital engaging and Little History MOBI #183 hugely enjoyable guide to poetry from ancient times to the present by one of our greatest champions of literature selected as theliterature book of the year by the London Times A fizzing exhilarating bookSebastian Faulks Sunday Times LondonDelightfulNew York Times Book Review What is poetry If music is sound organized in a particular way A Kindle poetry is a way of organiz. This is an absolutely brilliant book I had a poor formal education army father too many schools but have always read a great deal and have virtually educated myself as a result I came late to poetry but found much to love Robert Browning now a great favourite the Lakeland poets Whitman and Nevertheless I always felt I was skimming the surface and could never hope to understand the great classical poets like Chaucer and Donne John Carey brings all of these to light in such an clear and easy manner I read his book like a novel turning the pages with baited breath excited to enjoy and learn I have now fearlessly ordered books by poets I would not have had the confidence to approach before I might even attempt Beowulf Carey's book should be on every school's curriculum It would have brought so much guidance wisdom wonder insight consolation romance and confidence into my own life at a important and formative age How sad to discover all this when you are long past your sell by date instead of at the very brink of adult life Thank you Mr Carey