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kindle à The Peacock Prince Kindle Edition ¸ john tristan ¸ ❰KINDLE❯ ❃ The Peacock Prince Author John Tristan – Prince Alessander's twin sister Celandine has long been promised to the pirate lord Dagon Blackstone who demanded a royal bride as the price for peace On thS along with the prank and finds himself unexpectedly intrigued by the larger than life DagonDagon is a worldly man amused and aroused than scandalized by discovering a boy in a bodice pretending to be his betrothed When the deception is revealed though Cel is nowhere to be found she's fled the royal isle leaving her I want to slap the sister I want to slap Princess Cel sooooo badWhat a spoilt selfish creature she is Running away from the big bad pirate she's never set eyes upon and leaving her witless brother to face his reaction If the 'beast' was half as bad as she believed he'd have killed her brother as a declaration of war then started on their precious Peacocks conveniently with his 100strong fleet already inside the battle gates Goodbye kingdomWhining when found 'but I wasn't asked' yes dear it's allllllll about youGael was uninspiring He said maybe five flat lines Yet was Alessander's bestie and the princess's illicit amourI could have ignored the sister hisss and enjoyed regardless if not for the disconnected narration It's first person without a single emotion starring the most uninspiring blow job I've ever read The Prince despite being the main character isn't part of the story; he's too matter of fact all stuffy manners he cares about the etiuette of bowing than anything else Things happen to him he never once reactsAnd the Shark passively gasping for air instead of fighting for it's life Has Tristan never seen Jaws? If there's a seuel please let it be called; Shark's revenge the sister can go first ;Lord Salt Pirate Blackstone or whatever he chooses to be called would be far better off sailing away into the sunset alone forgetting all about the royal brats

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Brother a scapegoat in her skirts Their father offers to hunt her down but Dagon declines he will use his own fleet to find his runaway princess and he is taking along insurance Alessander is brought aboard his flagship as a hostage albeit an honored oneand until Celandine is found he must serve as Dagon's royal 'brid Three stars from mePOSSIBLE SPOILERSI couldn't uite figure out what was wrong with the book even while rating it I almost liked it I am sure I liked it It's nicely written and I loved the universe and the characters except for Cel What a bitch honestly Throwing her brother to the wolves convinced in her mind that these pirates are brutal vicious monsters Nice move sis I suspect she held a grudge against Prince Whatshisname or some suchBut back to my rating It all became clear when I started tagging the book Adventure almost There was this one cliff walk and some very smooth sailing Cross dressing almost There was this one costume prank in the beginning and one sex scene in the endEnemies to lovers almost The Pirate was not as rough and monstrous The Prince wasn't as unwillingNautical almost Yep they were on a boat and they sailed But I didn't get to see or experience it enough through any of the charactersRainbows and lollipops even that fell short thanks to Cel I really dislike herFantasyHistorical was it? Might as well be an AU or a futuristic setting definitely a different planet Sci fi then?Pirates almost I mean I heard about those things a lot but once again did I see them doing their arrrgh arrrgh? What a disappointment I also consideredPrisonerkidnappingabductioncaptive nope None of them worked Even hostage didn't really uite fitDark nope There was one little paragraph but it did not spread on the rest of the storyDub con nope again see enemies to lovers

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The Peacock Prince Prince Alessander's twin sister Celandine has long been promised to the pirate lord Dagon Blackstone who demanded a royal bride as the price for peace On the night they are first meant to meet she convinces Alessander to don her clothes and go in her place as a prank on the sea monster that is to be her husband He goe ★★★ 3 Sweet Fluffy Stars ★★★Was this book about hunky pirates who did pirate y things like pillage and plunder albeit in the past? Yes Yes it wasDid this book have a hostage aspect where a prince was taken as an insurance policy while the aforementioned pirate looked for the prince's sister who so happened to be the pirate's promised bride as part of a peace treaty? Yes sirreeAnd you're still calling this book sweet and fluffy?nodsAre you demented? NopeThis book was just an all around fun little read that pretty much had me smiling throughout When Alessander the Aelian prince first meets Dagon the formidable pirate in his sister's gown as a jest he is immediately attracted to the fierce pirate When Alessander's sister Cel fails to make an appearance when the jig is up Dagon insists that he will go track down his wayward bride to be and take her brother as a hostage for insurance purposes Even though this book did have a hostage element it didn't make the story seem dark at all For a pirate or anyone really Dagon was pretty damn accommodating and kind to the prince Also the hostage wasn't all that unwilling He was happy to spend his days at sea in the captain's cabin if you know what I mean ; See what I'm saying? Flufffffffffffffffyyyyyy I am also happy to report that the cross dressing does make a reappearance later in the storyI don't know if that is your kink of choice or not but it certainly is mine which made me a very happy camper ;And the ending?Even though the ending was pure cheese and tied up better with a bow than a professionally wrapped present I still enjoyed it and left me with warm fuzzy feelings The writing for this story was pretty good It was descriptive and flowed smoothly but it wasn't reallyI don't knowemotional? While I did enjoy reading the book Alessander's narration was a little matter of fact and kept me at a distance which prevented me from really connecting with the characters and the story However I don't regret reading this fun novella If you want a feel good short story with a mild cross dressing kink and cheeeeeeessssssyyyy ending then I am recommending this one