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You Win in the Locker Room First The 7 C's to Build a Winning Team in Business Sports and LifeAl teams to explore the seven powerful principles that any business school organization or sports team can adopt to revitalize their organization Step by step the authors outline a strategy for building a thriving organization and provide a practical framework that give leaders the tools they need to create a great culture lead with the right mindset create strong relationships improve teamwork execute at a higher level and avoid the pitfalls that sabotage far too many leaders and organizations In addition to sharing what went right with the Falcons Smith also transparently shares what went wrong his last two seasons and provides Having read a number of Jon Gordon books I really like how he has taken a number of the key concepts from previous material and linked them to sports coaching and developing athletes When you add in Mike Smith's perspective of his time as the Head Coach of the Falcons and some of his other coaching experiences it really helps to see how these principles apply and why they are important to building successful teams and organizationsOne of the aspects I really found interesting was how Mike shared not only his successes but he was sincere in sharing where losing sight of certain principles had let him down I read many books that talk about successes and what to do It's rare to hear someone being that honest and open about what they should have done differently As a coach sometimes those messages are as if not valuable as lessons to focus on than some of the other ideasAdmittedly this book falls into line with my own coaching philosophy in many ways While some of the message was common sense there were some new ways of looking at things that I really resonated with and I'll be making plans to add to our program There were some ideas that were new and it's always an excellent reminder to focus on the things we can control There is most definitely a big emphasis on developing the person behind the athlete the real value of being a coach and the impact we can and that focusing on the process is the best way to earn long term successIt's a uick read and full of so many nuggets of wisdom Highly recommended to anyone who aspires to have an impact as a leader in any field not just sports

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eBook ☆ You Win in the Locker Room First õ goproled ☆ ❴Download❵ ➽ You Win in the Locker Room First: The 7 C's to Build a Winning Team in Business, Sports, and Life Author Jon Gordon – Goproled.co.uk NFL head coach Mike Smith lead one of the most remarkable turnarounds in NFL history In theInvaluable lessons leaders can take away from his victories success failures and mistakes Whether it's an executive leadership team of a Fortune 500 company a sports team an emergency room team military team or a school team successful leaders coach their team and develop mentor encourage and guide them This not only improves the team it improves the leaders and their relationships connections and organizationYou Win in the Locker Room First offers a rare behind the scenes look at one of the most pressure packed leadership jobs on the planet and what leaders can learn from these experiences in order to build their own winning te I've actually had this book for a little while and I have been remiss in not submitting a review prior to now In between travel and dealing with a busy work life and home life this book has truly been a blessing on adviceJon Gordon continues to improve and impress me with each new book he releases The lessons that he and Mike Smith talk about in this book are not just for the locker room but for work and in family life I particularly love the fact that they show that they are human and experience setbacks and struggles and how they approach dealing with the impact then moving forward with your best foot forwardI love the style of writing as if it were a conversation rather than an instruction book Both men seem genuinely humble and caring in their tellings and advice offered I highly recommend this to anyone not just as a work improvement book but as good advice given to us by great peopleKeep up the fantastic work and I look forward to works from each of you

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NFL head coach Mike Smith lead one of the most remarkable turnarounds in NFL history In the season prior to his arrival in 2008 the Atlanta Falcons had a 4 12 record and the franchise had never before achieved back to back winning seasons Under Smith's leadership the Falcons earned an 11 5 record in his first season and would go on to become perennial playoff and Super Bowl contenders earning Smith AP Coach of year in 2008 and voted Coach of Year by his peers in 2008 2010 and 2012You Win in the Locker Room First draws on the extraordinary experiences of Coach Mike Smith and Jon Gordon consultant to numerous college and profession Great content that could have been accomplished with the same effectiveness in about 60 75% of the amount of pages By the end I felt like they were scraping the bottom of the barrel to add content I also thought it was confusing that the book is called the 7 C's and yet after 7 they just kept going with other concepts which again were good concepts but they seemed to drag I would recommend this book only as a notes version or perhaps even the last few pages that give the action plan Other than that I wouldn't spend the time to read the entire book