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Free download Survival Theory: A Preparedness Guide 105 Ç ➪ Survival Theory: A Preparedness Guide Read ➲ Author Jonathan Hollerman – Survival Theory is one of the top survival and preparedness books to come out in the last 10 years WolfeSurvivalcom Do yourself a favor and buy this book before you buy Elop a plan to escape the deadly rioting and looting showing you where you can take your family to keep them safe even if you can't afford a fully stocked survival retreat Hollerman's in depth expertise and recommendations cover Bug Out Bags SHTF Weapons Tactical Gear Survival Tools Knives Long Term Food Storage Livestock Bug Out Locations Survival Retreat Recommendations and much mu. Ok But tells you to look up things alot in the book

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Uthor and Survival Retreat Consultant Jonathan Hollerman will present evidence that America as we know it could be destroyed from the loss of our nation's Theory A Preparedness MOBI #243 electric grid or other societal collapse scenarios Many preparedness experts severely underestimate the threat posed by millions of starving desperate people This preparedness guide will help you dev. I have read many SHTF books recently and this one caught my attention through a short YouTube reading that was so well written I went for the book I ended up looking up each product mentioned on so that I could see what it was and am in the process of purchasing some of them I enjoyed the sections that talked about scenarios and what to do Eye opening and alarmingly realistic This book will at least wake you up if you are thinking dreamily about what might happen Wake up

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Survival Theory A Preparedness GuideSurvival Theory is one of the top A Preparedness ePUB #9734 survival and preparedness books to come out in the last years WolfeSurvivalcom Do yourself a favor and buy this book before you buy anypreps UrbanPrepListcom If you're looking for information on how to Survival Theory ePUB #231 prepare for a short term natural disaster this is not the book for you Best Selling Preparedness A. I'd rate this as 25 stars and it is better than most prepper books but it is aimed at the beginner prepper and it is too ambitious in trying to cover all of the subject matter around prepping My biggest concern is one that most prepper books are guilty of what if the shtf event is a 'slow burn' one where it lasts over a period of years to a decade of financial collapse job losses etc but the lights never uite go out during that time Most books do not address this scenario and suppose a uick downfall of society following an economic collapse grid down pandemic etc and this is their achilles heel It is possible for people to suffer and die in a slow burn downfall of society lasting years to a couple of decades and traditional prepping wisdom does not account for how to accurately prepare for this I know many would argue that the same principles apply as used in a uick collapse but if you suffer say a job loss and the crisis lasts a couple of decades where the lights do not go out yet people starve and die on the streets worse than war zones or say Venezuela at the moment then a different strategy is reuired to survive and even thrive in such an environmentThe author readily admits that his book is geared mainly towards those who can afford their own off grid independent survival retreat which is very few people and his strategy is about bugging out to the said retreat This leaves a very small proportion of his audience who whilst they may extract certain useful ideas from the book are not going to get much use out of large tracts of it At least there are some good ideas making it a worthwhile read and as a primer to preparedness it is useful but for preppers who have been in the game a little while it is useful to buy books each focussing on a specific topic such as security self defence communications hygiene medical when shtf dental care when no dentist is around canning gardeninghomesteading how to capture game animals how to prepare animals to be eaten etcThis book has chapters acting as primers for all of the above without getting into the nitty gritty aspects of what is needed to be done for each section It as such follows the flaws of many similar books on preparedness The author merely tries to get you to be aware of the relevant ideas; there is much that has been left out with regards to securityself defence and ideas surrounding it It is also mainly geared to the American market with a chapter focusing on guns whereas in Europe alternative weapons may be used by aggressors considering the lack of guns in the UK and other similar territories