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PDF ê BOOK Ordinary Resurrections FREE ì [PDF] ✩ Ordinary Resurrections: Children in the Years of Hope ❤ Jonathan Kozol – Goproled.co.uk Jonathan Kozol's books have become touchstones of the American conscience In Ordinary Resurrections he spends four years in the South Bronx with children who have become his friends at aEls that the world of grown up expertise too freuently assigns to themYet another classic case of unblinking social observation from one of the finest writers ever to work in the genre this is a piercing discernment of right and wrong of hope and despairfrom our nation's corridors of power to its poorest city streets In Ordinary Resurrections Jonathan Kozol deviates from his usual gloves off attack of the issues facing minority children Instead of building the case against the ineuitable system with facts and figures as he has in previous work he has chosen the subtle but effective approach of a storyteller He paints a very descriptive portrait of the victims of continued segregation and racism that may inspire those in positions of influence to make compassionate decisions regarding the lives of the children they serveThings that scream out to me from Kozol's books1 Incarceration vs Education do the mathThe incarceration industry is thriving on blind public support If taxpayers knew they were paying on the average ten to twenty times to incarcerate supposed perpetrators of victimless crimes than it would cost to educate them I'd bet they might even overlook their racist fears The corporatefederal mentality that chooses to decide early on what these children will bring to the economy seems to prefer them as a product in this system versus potential contributors to something greater2 Resilience despite our conditional helpIn their innocent naivet the children neglected by the system remain courageous hopeful and resilient This resilience may diminish as they weather the ineuities of the system that oppresses them but it is often the attribute that enables them to succeed regardless of our preaching and teaching Just imagine what heights they might reach if they continued to be nurtured as they are by the caring individuals in their lives now3 Compassion essentialAs a beneficiary of white male privilege his reflections from the other side of the gap are poignant and insightful lessons for those of us too far removed from the reality that exists in many of our cities Even after this racial ineuity is acknowledged it is difficult for most of us to express empathy in ways that ring genuine Kozol does He is trusted and welcomed by the culture and community he strives to serve His stories reflect a model for learning and practicing compassion which in my opinion may be the single most important factor in saving ourselves from extinction Kozol repeatedly demonstrates the importanceof compassion in his work Listen to him4 Racism segregation ineuality market view politicsRacism is institutionalized in the United States despite the hope segregation was ending that the civil rights movements of the sixties inspired Kids notice that no politicians talk about this They hear the politicians saying We're gonna have tougher standards in your separate but not eual schools We're gonna raise the bar of academic discipline in your separate but not eual schools But nobody says we're going to make them less separate and eual Nobody says that Kozol interview in Education World5 Toxic environments no one to litigateAIDS asthma drugs violence toxic pollution poverty malnutrition lack of medical attention apartheid economics and neglect are common elements in the environment Kozol's children try to survive in Basic needs must be satisfied before we can expect children to be receptive to that which we would have them learn Kozol is issuing a wake up call to the complacent masses that are either unaware or in denial that this situation is serious and threatens all of us socially emotionally and economicallyIn my opinion implications for educators that may be gleaned from Kozol's book include The extreme importance of compassion in all aspects of dealing with children Recognition that before we talk about diversity we need to spend a lot time in the conversation about racism Locking people up is not rehabilitation and in the long run is sociallyemotionally spiritually and economically disastrous Break the cycle of incarceration

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Jonathan Kozol's books have become touchstones of the American conscience In Ordinary Resurrections he spends four years in the South Bronx with children who have become his friends at a badly underfunded but enlightened public school A fascinating narrative of daily urban life Ordinary Resurrections gives a human fa I just re read ORDINARY RESURRECTIONS and wanted to update my reviewthe book is just wonderfuland full of such hopeLike other reviewers I heard Mr Kozol's interview on National Public Radio during my commute home and was completely enchanted by his stories of Pineapple and her friends in Mott HavenI ordered the book from amamzoncom and devoured it in two sittingsI cannot remember when a book moved me as much as this one I'm not sure what gifts God gave Jonathan Kozol but one of them is true compassion and insight without judgment or pretenseI was continually amazed as was Kozol at these children's tenderness kindness their incredible gift of insight and their wide eyed innocenceAt the back of the book there is an address for St Ann's Church I will be sending them a checkfor St Ann's Scholarsfor Pineapple and Elio and Mother Martha and all the children and caretakers who perform miracles day in and day outThis should be reuired reading for not only presentfuture teachers it should be reuired reading for the human raceI hope Kozol and his kids win the PulitzerNobeland any other available awardRead this bookyou will be richer for it

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Ordinary Resurrections Children in the Years of HopeCe to poverty and racial isolation and provides a stirring testimony to the courage and resilience of the young Sometimes playful sometimes jubilantly funny and sometimes profoundly sad these are sensitive childrencomplex and morally insightfuland their ethical vitality denounces and subverts the racially charged lab I too heard Mr Kozol on NPR and in the space of a few minutes was not only driven to tears but driven to purchase the book In a time when the world feels out of control and impossible for any one of us to alter its course Jonathon Kozol gives me hope by reminding us that all children start out with pure love truth and innocence regardless of their economic or social circumstance And that noticing and nurturing children is a precious and enriching process The book is written in a compellingly intimate way and I feel priveleged to have been introduced to the children of Mott Haven and to the grown ups who love and care for them