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THE NEW YORK TIMESUSA TODAYAND WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLERDr Kai Fu Lee one of the world's most respected experts on AI and China reveals that China has suddenly caught up to the US at an astonishingly rapid and unexpected pace In AI Superpowers Kai fu Lee argues powerfully that because of these unprecedented developments in AI dramatic changes will be hap After reading this book I am left with the feeling I have when I think about Global Warming; we are getting close to the point of no return so Governments need to lead where companies and people won't1 The point of AI is to reallocate units of labor from people to machines with the profit that was once a working wage being transferred to a small collective of grossly wealthy individuals2 In the future corporate tax rates will likely be assessed on the ratio of robotsAI to Humans in a company Robots don't buy homes and pay taxes the company employing them will need to pick up the slack3 Government's legislating Robot % maximums will alter manual labor outsourcing in the future4 Wealthy people better start investing in personal security the chasm this will create between haves and have not's can only end in civil wars between those with nothing to lose and those with everything to lose feels a bit like feudalism I will feed and clothe you and you will defend me Are we really evolving?5 The world leaders need to pull together to write new international laws enforced in all countries with the focus on the future of humanity This business of paying people fair wages without a job will only create a planet full of unfulfilled purposeless peopleAI is a race to joblessness and the price is our souls It's one thing to use Apps and algorithms to improve our lives thru access to fast valuable information problem solving and the cure for disease its an entirely different thing to use them to devalue a persons worth to society so a handful of people can extract their value SAD

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AI Superpowers China Silicon Valley and the New World OrderPening much sooner than many of us expected Indeed as the US Sino AI competition begins to heat up Lee urges the US and China to both accept and to embrace the great responsibilities that come with significant technological power Most experts already say that AI will have a devastating impact on blue collar jobs But Lee predicts that Chinese and American AI w Kai Fu Lee's work on the duel between the United States and China around artificial intelligence AI takes us to the heart of the news on several levels First we learn the main principles of artificial intelligence deep learning and neural systems Next the author reviews the comparative advantages of the United States and China The United States is making technological breakthroughs and the Chinese are deploying them much faster thanks to unlimited access to Big Data Finally the author discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on employment and distinguishes two functions that will never be replaced by artificial intelligence creativity and compassion All jobs based on innovation and intensive social relations will continue to be subject to increased demand

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PDF ô BOOK AI Superpowers ✓ KAI-FU LEE ✓ ❰Read❯ ➳ AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order Author Kai-Fu Lee – Goproled.co.uk THE NEW YORK TIMESUSA TODAYAND WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLERDr Kai Fu Lee one of the world's most respected experts on AI and China reveals that ChinIll have a strong impact on white collar jobs as well Is universal basic income the solution? In Lee's opinion probably not But he provides a clear description of which jobs will be affected and how soon which jobs can be enhanced with AI and most importantly how we can provide solutions to some of the most profound changes in human history that are coming so I have spent a lot of time in China until end of 2010 but have got a bit out of touch recently and hae little clue about AI As a novice on AI I wanted to get up to speed on the basics of it and what we need to be thinking about over the next few years Kai fu Lee with his uniue perspectives on AI given his academic background and professional experience in the US and China has written a most informative and engaging book that has enlightened me on the history of AI the key players today and their key drivers as well as his own very personal thoughts and recommendations for the future so that we get humans doing what humans do best and machines doing what machines do best A must read