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Read Muhammad A Prophet for Our Time eBook å Aparto de audio digital pre-cargado Ò goproled ↠ ❴Reading❵ ➷ Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time Author Karen Keishin Armstrong – Muhammad was born in 570 CE Over the course of the following sixJournalist is among the world's foremost commentators on religious history and culture Post 911 she has become a crucial advocate for mutual understanding between the world's major faiths Her books include Buddha A Biography The Battle for God and Islam A Short HistoryRespectful without being reverential knowledgeable without being pedantic and above all readable It succeeds because Armstrong brings Muhammad to life as a fully rounded human being The Economi Currently reading this book So far it is very insightful and teaches you about our Prophet Muhammad SAW way of life and the challenges he faced It's teaches you lessons on dealing with challenges in life it's actually similar to what we face today except it is 1500 years later Enjoying the book and looking forward to learning

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Ed portrait of this revered figure Through comparison with other prophets and mystics she illuminates Muhammad's spiritual ideas; she uses the facts of his life from which Muslims have drawn instruction for centuries to make the tenets of Islam clear and accessible for modern readers of all faiths This vivid and detailed biography strips away centuries of distortion and myth to reveal the man behind the religionKaren Armstrong bestselling author scholar and We all tend to have preconceptions about Islam and what it means to be a Muslim so it seemed the right thing to do to try to find out the truth for myself and not accept second hand opinions hearsay and downright propaganda A good translation of the ur’an and this book seemed to be a good start I was not wrongI bought several translations of the ur’an but the one I found easiest to get along with is the one by Maulana Muhammad Ali which has the added benefit of having a commentary includedKaren Armstrong’s book has proved a real “can’t put down” read It is not an academic book but is written with the intelligent layman in mind Easy reading but covering an amazing depth of knowledge It has also blown away some of the cobwebs that were obscuring the truth about Islam I suppose I am like many western people having had a rather poor view of Islam I looked on the “religion of peace” as being anything but as I watched Islamic terrorists cause death destruction and mayhem all over the world All in the name of Allah What I did not realise was that these “Jihadis” are an aberration and really have little to do with Islam They are politically motivated and are only using God as their excuse for violence As Karen Armstrong points out the word “jihad” does not mean holy war it simply means “struggle” The struggle we all have to overcome ourselves and become as God intended God really has no need of paltry human beings to take up arms in His name He truly does not need their help Neither does Islam preach hatred of Jews and Christians Indeed The Prophet called them the “People of the book” and said they were worthy of respect More The second chapter of the ur’an has this to say “Surely those who believe and those who are Jews and the Christians and the Sabians whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good they have their reward with their Lord and there is no fear for them” Note As Karen Armstrong points out the name Allah is not a name It just means God So it would seem that the hatred some “Jihadis” appear to have for all Jews and Christians is not sanctioned by the ur’an itselfKaren Armstrong also notes that Muhammad very deliberately did not seek public office and had no political ambitions God had told him that he was simply a nadhir a messenger with a warning It is a terrible thing when politically motivated people use and abuse religion to achieve their political ends and Islam is not alone in having its beliefs abused in this way Christianity too was a “religion of peace” whose founder said we should love our enemies and do good to those who use us badly That was until it became a state religion and politics came into the euation bringing in its wake “holy” crusades and inuisitions in which millions died So let us not be too harsh on Islam It had some good teachersKaren also points out that like other great religious sages Muhammad was not a lover of orthodoxy Islam along with other religions formed around the teachings of an iconoclastic founder has forgotten Muhammad’s unorthodox beginnings As soon as the originator of the faith is no longer there in any faith the priests ministers mullahs and imams take over and orthodoxy takes over in place of the original emphasis on personal betterment by faith in God and good works She points out that Muhammad was convinced that “Metaphysical speculation tended to make people uarrelsome and could be divisive It was important to practice the “works of justice” than to insist on a theological position” Amen to that Armstrong takes the position when discussing the Hudaybiyyah when Muhammad won a total victory over the uraysh at Mecca without arms or violence that this peaceful way is what The Prophet saw as the way forward for Islam As she says “Muslims were not supposed to be men of war; they were characterised by the spirit of hilm a peace and forbearance that allied them with the Jews and Christians the People of the Book Instead of posturing aggressively as the uraysh had done at Hudaybiyyah the true followers of Allah prostrated themselves humbly before God in prayer”One is therefor tempted to wonder if Muhammad would be upset at how some followers of Islam today have turned to violence as a means of promoting their faith not realising just how totally counter productive that is It has long been my belief that if Islamic militants were not causing death and destruction in about forty countries round the world then Islam would be much successful in gaining converts in the WestBut ‘twas ever thus When religion gets mixed up in politics mayhem is the result And of course we should not get too proud as “People of the Book” for when Judaism and Christianity got mixed up with politics it had the same result as in the Inuisition and the Crusades Perhaps the Islamic terrorists are just following their Christian teachers I heartily commend this book to those who like myself would like to gain some understanding about Islam Karen Armstrong has done a fine job with this book and I now intend to read her “Islam – A Short History”

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Muhammad A Prophet for Our TimeMuhammad was born in 570 CE Over the course of the following sixty years he built a thriving spiritual community and laid out the foundations of a religion that has changed the course of world history There ishistorical data available about his life than that of the founder of any other major faith and yet particularly in the West his is a consistently misunderstood storyAn acclaimed authority on religious and spiritual issues Karen Armstrong offers a balanc Our concept of Islam is tainted with superstition and ignorance but this book will enlighten the reality of Muhammad