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Wishing for a Cowboy Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Reading] ➷ Wishing for a Cowboy By Kathleen Rice Adams – Goproled.co.uk Cowboys kisses and love in the holiday air make for a special recipe in each of these wonderful new stories Christmas miracles can happen when you're WISHINGOut war A Gift for Rhoda by Jacuie Rogers A mail order bride disaster Her Christmas Wish by Tracy Garrett Her only wish for Christmas was the man who left her behind Covenant by Tanya Hanson Can a Christmas blizzard ignite love gone cold Charlie's Pie by Livia J Washburn A wounded man a desperate woman a gang of ruthless outlawsand the best pecan pie in Parker Coun. ARC from NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest reviewA compilation of 8 period novellas that feature honorable swoon worthy cowboys uick grab me my favorite blanket and a cup of hot cocoa A good read for a winters day in front of a fireplace The anthology gives you a chance to know the characters enough to root for them and their journey to love I especially liked Peaches and Charlie’s Pie – the characters were a little battle worn and weary but yet still hopeful Christmas candy

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Cowboys kisses and love in the holiday air make for a special recipe in each of these wonderful new stories Christmas miracles can happen when you're WISHING FOR A COWBOY A Christmas Miracle by Phyliss Miranda Acceptance comes not through frosty eyes but from the warmth of loving hearts Outlaw's Kiss by Cheryl Pierson A long ago schooldays crush is rekindled by an O. Wishing For A Cowboy contains wonderful Old West short stories by eight different authors Each centers around Christmas offering tales of mail order brides starchy schoolmarms rugged renegades and Texas Rangers In “A Christmas Miracle” by Phyliss Miranda Mattie Jo must beg the town doctor Grant to come to her homestead and treat her sick and possibly dying baby sister The fact that Mattie Jo is shunned by the townsfolk because of her outlaw father makes Grant’s help all the shocking Snowed in an affection soon develops between themIn “Outlaw’s Kiss” by Cheryl Pierson Talia finds a wounded Jake on her doorstep in a blizzard Five months prior he’d ruined her reputation by publicly kissing her at an auction a kiss she’s been finding hard to forget Now they both have a chance to reconcile their motives and their desiresIn “A Husband For Christmas” by Sarah J McNeal Jane and her son survivors of the Titanic and still reeling from the trauma of losing a husband and a father find solace with Teekonka a Lakota who loves them both But before they can be together he must help them heal their woundsIn “Peaches” by Kathleen Rice Adams the tone lightens a bit when impatient rancher Whit must contend with new schoolmarm Ruth and her three rambunctious boys When he ultimately helps her in the kitchen baking dozens of pies you’ll smile and root for the happy endingIn “A Gift For Rhoda” by Jacuie Rogers Rhoda a jilted mail order bride must confront a stranger at the homestead she tends believing him to be her drunken betrothed But Nate who isn’t the groom is just as confused as she since he never intended on saddling himself with a bride But he wins the prize for the fastest proposal in historyIn “Her Christmas Wish” by Tracy Garrett Kathryn and Will cross paths years later in a remote stagecoach station rekindling a love that had left them heartbroken and confused Both must reconcile the past before finding happiness againIn “Covenant” by Tanya Hanson Ella waits for Carsten the husband who abandoned her three months ago This story has a darker tone due the death of Carsten’s young daughter but it’s this grief that gives the ending a poignancy and sweetnessAnd finally in “Charlie’s Pie” by Livia J Washburn Lauralee simply wants to bake her son his favorite pie on Christmas Eve But when Burke arrives at her doorstep wounded and hounded by a posse of men she must trust her instincts With Burke they serve her well; when it comes to her pie maybe not so much This story also has a sad undertone but Burke proves just the man to heal Lauralee’s deep griefEach story brought the west alive with wonderful characters and genuinely heartwarming stories As an added bonus a recipe relevant to each tale is included at the end I’ve got my eye on Rhoda’s Wedding Pie Don’t miss this wonderful collection

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Wishing for a CowboyUtlaws Kiss that sparks true love and a new future for Jake Morgan and Talia Delano A Wishing for MOBI #198 Husband for Christmas by Sarah J McNeal A haunting night of horror and a wish for a new life Peaches by Kathleen Rice Adams When a strong willed schoolteacher invades an irascible ranchers Texas range not even the spirit of Christmas may be able to prevent all. 4 Stars toWISHING FOR A COWBOY A Compilation From PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONSWonderfuljust wonderful NetGalley has once again gifted me the opportunity to readreview a lovely book This is a period compilation of wonderful western romance tales Each of the eight short stories brings a bit of hope love and a helping of forgiveness In a time where everything seems unsteady and you're left feeling ungrounded WISHING FOR A COWBOY is a feel good pick me upEach tale is set out in the western wilds In parts of the country that are uninhabited by many and where living is hard eight men are brought to their knees by the love and grace of eight extraordinary women As I read; curled up on my couch I could just feel the bite from the winds blowing across the plains the kiss of snow falling on my face and the warmth of the fire burning in the little houses Although I am not normally a fan of period pieces I adored these tales of love found and chances takenIf you want to gift yourself a little pick me up or a reward for all you're about to do for the holidaysgive yourself WISHING FOR A COWBOY and curl up and escape for a little bit