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Download How It Went Down Book Þ 336 pages Ç Kekla magoon à [Read] ➲ How It Went Down By Kekla Magoon – When sixteen year old Tari Johnson dies from two gunshot wounds his community is thrown into an uproar Tari was black The shooter Jack Franklin is whiteIn the aftermath of Tari's deWhen sixteen year old Tari Johnson dies from two gunshot wounds his community is thrown into an uproar Tari was black The shooter Jack Franklin is whiteIn the aftermath of Tari Tari Johnson is a fictional Black teenagerTrayvon Martin Michael Brown Emmett Till Tamir Rice and so many Black boys are all realWhat do they all have in common? They've been murdered by white men who saw no punishment for the crimeThis is their story This is meant to be the story of every black neighborhood plagued by poverty and gang violence The story of the murdered boy's friends his family his enemiesWho was Tari Johnson? Was he a good student with dreams of college? Was he a gang member? Did he have a gun? Or was he holding a chocolate bar? Was he a good person? Does it matter?The story is told in alternating POVs which got a bit much after awhile because it was hard to keep them straight since most of them weren't defined that well There is confusion there are different accounts of what happened and as always people capitalizing off of a tragedy while the media spins it all out of controlThe fascinating thing was that Magoon doesn't paint Tari as an innocent saint He was just a regular African American boy growing up in a poor black neighborhood There were people who loved him people who hated him people who thought he was just another victim of gang violence and people who just didn't give a flying crap But every single one of those people were somehow touched by Tari's tragic death their stories get told too Including the killer'sI suppose one frustrating thing for me was that there didn't seem to be any closure But then I realized it was exactly the same as it happens again and again as it was for Trayvon Martin Michael Brown Emmett Till Tamir Rice People make noise people protest police ignore them the jury acuits the murderer the white killer walks away while the victim is dead The media makes a bit noise and then then it just goes awayAnd there's no ending harder to digest that that one The one that is exactly like real life The one that goes on because life does

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Make sense of the tragedy and to cope with the hole left behind when a life is cut short In their own words they grapple for a way to say with certainty This is how it went dow While I found the use of multiple POVs to tell the story the right techniue this is a story about perception and about the way a story can be told many different ways to cast a person as either good or bad I found that none of the character voices were readily distinguishable I got the voice of the Reverend pretty well as well as the shopkeeper but the voices of the teen boys here all blended together That was effective on the level of muddying the details of what happened to Tari it was easy for me as a reader to skim over their storiesbiasesstakesThere should be good discussion of this particular book though as it delves into what happens when a boy is shot and killed and race is a big factor in how the aftermath of the crime unfolds Who is to blame? Was Tari a good guy or a gang initiate? Does it make a difference? What about if the person who killed him was white? There aren't conclusive answers here which is a huge strength in the book as it forces readers to consider the bigger implications Nothing is cut and dry and Tari's little sister Tina really sums that up nicely in the end Other threads in the story include a subplot about a Reverend seeking political clout as opposed to justice; a young girl being viewed only in terms of her body; what friendship and relationships do or don't mean; and how the media can change the entire story of an event or series of events This reminded me a bit of Caroline Bock's LIE in terms of how it uses the multiple POVs In terms of writing and setting I kept thinking about Jason Reynolds's WHEN I WAS THE GREATEST Readers who love Coe Booth's TYRELLKENDRABRONXWOOD will definitely want to pick this up Magoon's book should appeal to reluctant as well as less reluctant readers because the topic is timely and it's well rendered here without coming across as trying to capitalize on current events This is a wholly different story

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How It Went Down's death everyone has something to say but no two accounts of the events line up Day by day new twists further obscure the truthTari's friends family and community struggle to Brilliant and heart wrenching book