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Generative Scribing: A Social Art of the 21st Century characters ↠ 7 ´ ➮ [Read] ➪ Generative Scribing: A Social Art of the 21st Century By Kelvy Bird ➺ – Scribing visually representing ideas while people talk is a distinct social art form that facilitates group learningKindle a scribe's inner capacities of being joining perceiving knowing and drawing It is for visual practitioners facilitators coaches and organizers and for anyone who cares about how we exist together as humans It's for those who want to explore their interior functioning to approach the world an. Nice book written by a to expert It is very useful

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A Social PDFEPUB #189 Scribing visually representing ideas while people talk is a distinct social art form that facilitates group learning and cultural memory Scribes listen and Generative Scribing PDF draw simultaneously creating large pictures that integrate content prompt insight and aid with decis. This book is about generative scribing which is a visual practice and an art form functioning in the moment across boundaries as a device for social seeing1 The primary value of generative scribing is in the moment collective sourcing and reflection Through scribing a group can see a course to take and find their direction The scribe aids the group to induce a greater vision and turn it into action2Generative scribing activates and makes visible the unseen—yet felt—inner life of the social field This means that scribing only takes place within a group of people It doesn’t depend on one scribe’s view but on the input of many views The drawing has the power to influence and to transform the thinking in the room3 With the aid of seeing together a group can clearly choose and chart its path Views become shared and problems become solvable4The book is intended as an approach to the practice of generative scribing and is divided into five sections5 Be Bringing forward your most authentic self Being matters6 When we draw disconnected from interior knowing we represent an interpreted reality and miss the opportunity to create from inside out7 Scribes need to stay open and connected to the flow of meaning that wants to be mapped Staying open while listening and drawing is a key skill and a real challenge8 By staying open the scribe becomes a channel for what wants to come through for something that wants to be seen9 Scribes contribute to social fields by showing up from inside out10 By being in touch with themselves at the truest level scribes are in a position to meet the truth in the room through what they draw11 Join Engaging across boundaries Boundaries dissolve when we activate our deeper humanity12 Scribes meet intuitive knowing—beyond the literal understanding of words and concepts Relaxed scribes can receive and join as conduits for the flow through of meaning13 The meaning doesn’t come after the interaction It comes alongside and involves listening Listening is a through line to any generative practice14 Perceive Noticing with a broad systems view Seeing is how we perceive our way into thinking and structures to reveal dynamics and shift outcomes To see is to comprehend15 Moving through uncertainty we experiment With experimentation we experience and perceive Through perception we orient and choose And through choosing we direct our action16 It is far too easy to inadvertently close our minds to what is actually going on A closed mindset serves no one17 If something is not clear slow down18 The framing of the mind influences the organization of the drawing What others see influences their understanding of the structures in play19 Reframing allows us to see things from multiple perspectives20 It is directly related to seeing with fresh eyes21 Know Discern coherence to inform choice In any moment when we want to understand we can inuire into the underlying order by asking How does this make sense22 Trying to see the greater context enhances our perspective23 In generative scribing we can impose structure andor we can inuire into what is seeking new form Seeking coherence demands trust And trust encourages us to co

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Generative Scribing A Social Art of the 21st CenturyIon makingGenerative Scribing A Social Art of Kindle scribing extends this art by attending to the field Scribing A Social PDFEPUB #227 of energy and relation between people and to the emerging potential of a system This book frames the key concepts that inform and cultivate Scribing A Social Art of. This book has uickly become my core reference guide in my work on organisational development and change I'd say it's for anyone passionate about change and people you don't need to scribe to find it a powerful and useful read It's always with me mostly in my hand and almost always influencing my practice and interactionsThrough her drawings and practice Kelvy distils integrates and shares an amazingly broad spectrum of thinking and approaches into this slim and gorgeously written guide An economical beautiful and humble offering The main problem I have with this book is prizing it out of the hands of people I show it to