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summary Endue: Women, Twins, Cyborgs? (Badass Security Council (BSC) Book 8) ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ [BOOKS] ⚣ Endue: Women, Twins, Cyborgs? (Badass Security Council (BSC) Book 8) Author L. Ann Marie – Amazing Kindle Epub, Endue: Women, TwiShows is genius and it really helps me connect with the sto. Love this series Loved Jinx and Debra 's storyJinx Salaita VP of Champion He and his twin Brinks grew up with Cord The attack at the water plant left Jinx with critical injuries Debra AJ's friend who works IT at Champion was their for him Mitch through technology and the healers gave him back his vision and the use of his arm and legsNow Debra doesn't seen to have time for him His twin is angry all the time and acting like an ass The brothers think he is a cyborg or a robot The usual glass half full Jinx is having a harder and harder time seeing brotherhood That doesn't stop him from working on his book about brotherhood and the lessons he has learnedStella Jackson has his back while she butts heads and traded insults with his brother Mase Blackhawk is checking in on everyoneAfter using his new eyes on an assist in stopping a hit on the A's he feels the brotherhood again Understanding cyborg and robot were not meant as digs or insults His Debra is right their her lack of time for him explained She stakes her claimHis brother hostility is getting worse and he cuts Jinx out He is verbally abusive to Stella and Debra Things don't get better even when confrontedThe club's face a betrayal by long trusted membersBreken Graywolf comes home and renews old friendships He has retired from the FBI and taken the position of VP under Majors Harper has no problem fitting in with the old ladies and helping out AlderWeb finds what happened to his twin brother Michael The FBI get involved Ford and Gerren find younger twin brothers they didn't know they had Another international player is eliminatedJordan has Brinks in therapy and with the healers Jinx has his brother backI love this series Mase Blackhawk is so like Uncle Danny he has the pulse of all the club's and seems to know just what everyone needs Just like Uncle Danny he has his own way of getting things doneBerken's ties to Crow and joining the MC was unexpected and perfect He is a perfect VP Harper is a born old lady Can't wait for Mayor's club 's storyStella is her mother's daughter She has caught the eye of both Jordan and Brinks Hannah thinks Jordan needs a tirad She likes Stella with Jordan and Brinks Can't wait to see how that plays out Can't wait for Beacons story

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Ity Council BSC Book Author L Ann Marie The way the author. I absolutely love this book To see Jinx get hurt in the last book and start to struggle with it was hard to see But the one thing I always noticed about Jinx was that he always found a lesson or uote to lean on And I too was a bit skeptical about Debra at the beginning of the book it just seemed like she couldn’t pull her self together long enough to see that someone cared about her at the same time he was struggling with himself Thats when the Old Ladies came through again The Three Stooges help throughout the book is amazing and I think it’s a huge turning point for Jinx He thought his exoskeleton was a showing of weakness when it actually was showing him exactly how strong he truly is To find out that his brother was struggling with something he was totally unsure about himself and finally got to the point that he was just gonna let his brother deal with his own problems is when the Brotherhood stepped in and made things right for him and for his brotherI am so glad that the continued Brotherhood is shown throughout these books that connect with the older books I’m so glad it’s continuing to show BadaI am amazed at how well Lori always shows how a person can deal with a disability and learn a new way He thought his exoskeleton was a showing of weakness when actually it was showing him exactly how strong he truly isI am amazed at how well Lori always shows how a person can deal with a disability and learn a new new because of a lesson learned through family and Brotherhood Which Jinx understands better than anybodyThank you Lori for putting out such an awesome book and keep putting them out they just make me happy to read them over and over and over again

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Endue Women Twins Cyborgs Badass Security Council BSC Book 8Amazing Kindle Epub Endue Women Twins Cyborgs? Badass Secur. This book had me captivated from the first page to the last As we follow along on the PBSC journey we find out and about the threat to the Alphabits and all the Mc This is Jinx and Debra’s story Following on from the last book we know Jinx was injured protecting the As this is his story of recovery and his journey to finding love This book not only tells their love story but it develops and of the on going plot behind all the attacks We get to catch up with of our beloved previous characters and their grownup kids It’s like taking a walk down memory lane but at the same time it’s new and exciting Once you start reading you won’t know wether to laugh or cry The humour is infectious but the seriousness is heartbreaking at times This is an excellently scripted series of books that will capture your heart and imagination from the first page to the last Awesome book