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Unequal Affections A Pride and Prejudice RetellingWhen Elizabeth Bennet first knew Mr A Pride ePUB #9734 Darcy she despised him and was sure he felt the same Angered by his pride and reserve influenced by the lies of the charming Mr Wickham she never troubled herself to believe he was anything other than the worst of menuntil one day he unexpectedly proposedMr Darcys passionate avowal of love causes Elizabeth to reevaluate everything she thought Uneual Aff. I am a long term unapologetic Austen fan Not only of Austen's original works Sense and Sensibility vies for my favourite book of all time position but also of every spin off and re imagining possible Jane Austen Book Club Austenland Lost in Austenyou name it I've probably seen it read it However I have to admit I have never read a Pride and Prejudice re imagining uite like thisUsually and I use this term with only personal experience to hold to people seem to re imagine so that they can write Pride and Prejudice with steamy stuff thrown in I'm not saying this is a BAD thing simply an oft attempted one However to see a piece of fiction which takes that fateful day at the Parsonage and turns the proposal scene on its head for me could only have gone one of two ways Fortunately this book took the best possible road and created something which I found enjoyable heart warming and interesting yes that's right Someone has written an interesting Austen re telling Break out the brass bandOn a serious note; Ormiston is uite obviously a great fan of Austen and Pafter the wedding pit which is often used to do soThere's a little Mr Bennett bashing but really who are we kidding he is NOT a good Father and Lydia is twenty times as silly as she has ever been Wickham is overt in his dastardly ways and Jane seems to be meeker and milder than ever However enhancing character traits which already existed didn't offend me in any way rather Ormiston seemed to take strength from the material as opposed to cast it aside in favour of new This trait perhaps than any other made me fall a little in love I cannot fix on the hour or the look or the words which laid the foundation It is too long ago I was in the middle before I knew that I had begunA thoroughly enjoyable read which is sweet respectful and real

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Ections MOBI #198 she knew about him What she knows is that he is rich handsome clever and very much in love with her She on the other hand is poor and can expect a future of increasing poverty if she does not marry The incentives for her to accept him are strong but she is honest enough to tell him that she does not return his affections Affections A Pride ePUB #180 He says he can accept thatbut will eithe. Thoroughly enjoyed this book It is well written and for once NO Americanisms which I hate though it does have American spelling which I don't mind When I read the preview I was uneasy as I didn't like the idea of Elizabeth agreeing to marry Darcy when she didn't love him but the story is so beautifully told I found myself reluctant to put it down We get to know both D and E's thoughts and at times wanted to give them both a good shake I would have liked a little story around their HEA ie to me their problems were resolved and they were honeymooning all too uickly but hey ho just my little niggle it was still a really good story and I would thoroughly recommend

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FREE DOWNLOAD Unequal Affections: A Pride and Prejudice Retelling 109 ↠ [Epub] ❧ Unequal Affections: A Pride and Prejudice Retelling Author Lara S Ormiston – When Elizabeth Bennet first knew Mr Darcy she despised him and was sure he felt the same Angered by his pride and reserve influenced by R of them ever be truly happy in a relationship of uneual affectionDiverging from Jane Austens classic novel Pride and Prejudice at the proposal in the Hunsford parsonage this story explores the kind of man Darcy is even before his proper humbling and how such a man so full of pride so much in love might have behaved Affections A Pride and Prejudice PDF or had Elizabeth chosen to accept his original proposa. I am an avid reader of Jane Austen fan fiction And while some have been truly dreadful I found this one a real gem A good long read focusing on the 2 main characters misunderstandings it left me content and happy by the end A brilliant take on the original story with just one slight change of opinion at the start that changes everything No unnecessary smut either which made the story authentic and heartwarming in the right way