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Characters ´ Fact Hunt: Fascinating, Funny and Downright Bizarre Facts About Video Games Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ➸ Fact Hunt: Fascinating, Funny and Downright Bizarre Facts About Video Games Free ➮ AuthorTless peripherals unreleased video game movies weird guest fighters and much much Along the way he has invited a few famous gaming guests including Stuart Ashen and Did You Know Gaming to provide their favourite uips for your personal perusal So whatever your level of knowledge about video games youre guaranteed to learn a ton of entertaining new informati. This was the one I waiting for the book by a retrogaming YouTuber that I was most looking foward to Larry Bundy Jr's channel has always given a me a feeling of discovering something new and interesting that has been well researched and presented with a uniue character that always leaves me wanting of the same This book I am pleased to report conveys that very same feeling despite the change of formatWhats strikes me the most is the sheer volume of content This thing is packed with text and absolutely well stocked with accompanying illustration It is well written and presented If you watch Larry's stuff regularly then you will be familiar with some of what is here but it doesn't matter because laid out before you print it feels like a fresh take on everything But there is plenty that you may not be familar with too including some stellar contributions from the likes of Ashens Mr Biffo his old pal Wesley and othersIt is obvious that a lot of love and effort has gone into this book and it is well worth the hardback price By far the best book on the subject of video games that I've ever had the pleasure of reading Highly recommended

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OrldFor the past decade Larry has painstakingly trawled through countless old magazines routinely harassed developers and blackmailed journalists to uncover these amazing tidbits and anecdotes that would have fallen by the wayside of history Now he has compiled them into a fun full colour book Fact Hunt MOBI #198 with sections on botched game launches poin. Your browser does not support HTML5 video

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Fact Hunt Fascinating Funny and Downright Bizarre Facts About Video GamesA bumper collection of facts about video games Fascinating Funny PDFEPUB #195 from YouTuber extraordinaire Larry Bundy Jr this book will debunk myths and urban legends delve into developers biggest successes and failures explore the odd characters behind the games and unearth the obscure the forgotten the cancelled and the abandoned aspects of the gaming w. Pre ordered this book and due to the madness in the world right now it obviously took a bit longer to arriveWell it was worth the wait I've been subscribed to Guru Larry's YouTube channel for a while now and the Fact Hunt vids are always entertainingThe book for the price is great value big hard backed and packed with really nice colour photos and nuggets of pure gaming goldI thought I knew a bit about gaming hisyory received my first console a Grandstand bw pong clone and light gun in the late 70'smy latest being an XBoxOne and I have various region free consoles & a Retron 5 but there a plenty of things I never knew about and and some of the decions made by companies is eye opening to say the leastIf you have any interest in gaming and its history this book is a mustplus Larry's writing style matches his presentation style on YouTubewhich makes it an even easier read