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REVIEW ¸ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Latrivia S. Nelson Now a widower of Young ePUB #8608 Dmitry Medlov’s life has completely changed Wealthy beyond his wildest dreams his aspirations uickly move from money to power Only the power he seeks is held by the commanding and elusive Czar of the underworld Boss SmirnovWhen Dmitry successfully talks the underboss and the all knowing eye of the underworld Khalid into arranging a meeting between he and Boss Smirnov he has no idea The Chronicles PDFEPUBwhat troubles he is about to face There are secrets that will be exposed in Prague that will forever change his young life again leading to a decision that will rock the underworld for good Meanwhile back in London the city is buzzing about the deaths of the entire. Secrets revealed Revenge so sweet While watching his daughter Anya horseback riding Dmitry tells his wife Royal how he met his father in Prague years past many years pastDmitry Medlov finally get a meeting with Vor Czar Smirnov what a shock Revenge is so sweet but troubles a comingArie is a cunning 'suka' and is now the leader of the assassins for now5 chilling stars

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REVIEW The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov #4 õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ➻ [Reading] ➽ The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov #4 By Latrivia S. Nelson ➰ – Now a widower Dmitry Medlov’s life has completely changed Wealthy beyond his wildest dreams his aspirati Board of directors of Dmitry’s newly acuired business Hutton Industries minus the company’s former front Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov ePUB #200 man who was involved Chronicles of Young Epub #225 in a gruesome home invasion that left him blind deaf mute and paralyzed With no witnesses leads or proof combined with the botched attempt on his own life during the horrid chain of events Dmitry is looked over as a person of interest by Scotland Yard and is given carde blache to turn his new private company into his personal money laundering hub right under the public’s nose Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov ePUB #200 with the help of his Africa girlfriend Oxford University senior and business g. As always a great read about the Young Dmitry Medlove The chronicles gives us a better understanding of Dmitry and Ivan and why they were at each other throats Gives us some glipes of on his grown children and their lives Definitely worth reading for all the background information tot he Medlov Series So Dmitry deals with Board at Hatton Industries and then he deals with is father and became the ultimate Mob Boss Elsa is still in his life and they on their way to meet her father

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The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov #4Enius Elsa And it’s just in time for his new secret alliance with the leaders of a powerful paramilitary sect led by Elsa’s father in Angola Africa Dmitry’s new found power creates a checkmate for his ambitions to be boss but puts a target suarely on his back by not only organized crime heads around the world but also by his own brother Ivan Secret alliances are formed Money is exchanged and a definite war is looming Only no one is willing to give up as much as Dmitry is to be kingRead the last volume of the first book The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov and witness the heart stopping rise of a giant and everything that he’s willing to do to become the world’s most powerful and deadly bo. I hope you are ready to have your mind blown because V4 is here and boy does this book deliver It will have you holding your breath and on the edge of your seat with action drama and suspense than the previous books in the series This volume is my favorite so far and I can guarantee if you loved the 1 3 this will not disappointDmitry has been a busy man since we last saw him He now has a secret alliance to sell guns to an Angolan radical group that gives him power in the underworld; he also has to deal with the deaths of his entire board of directors from Hutton Having to clear his name as a person of interest in their deaths was a task but considering he was also a target and the only other surviving member is gravely injured he is cleared so Dmitry gets back to work He makes Elsa his brilliant Oxford Graduate girlfriend and Daughter of the Angolan Leader the CEO of Hutton Enterprises and replaces the board with his Vor brethren Ivan on the other hand is becoming erratic and his jealousy of his brother is making him a very dangerous man to those around him With a target suarely on his back due to his new wealth and power Dmitry now has his sights set even higher in the Vor and reuests a meeting with the current Czar Evgeny Smirnov He speaks to Boss Smirnov’ right hand man Khalid about making a meeting happen with the very mysterious Czar but Dmitry has no idea what he is in for when he comes face to face with Boss Smirnov and is rocks him to his core and bring about a rage in him that the world may not be ready forThis was by far the best book in the series What a gripping heartbreaking informative and just plain great book it blew me away I absolute loved it The story really just jumped of the pages for me This is the one book in the series that lets you see brother and brother working together bonding over their shared lose and hurt The 1st and really only time we see Dmitry and Ivan on the same side against a common enemy It made me wish they could always be that way always but Ivan is so insecure and crazy then throw Vlad and Arie in the mix and he just gets worst I think maybe if they were not involved Davyd tried to mentor both Ivan and Dmitry the brothers may have had a chance at a real bond but alas it was not to be