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Lauren Bacall was barely when and Then eBook #9734 she made her Hollywood debut with Humphrey Bogart and became By Myself Epuban overnight sex symbol Their romance on and off screen made them Hollywood's most celebrated couple and Myself and Then PDFEPUB #228 together they produced some of the most electri. Other than having been married to Humphrey Bogart I didn't know a lot about Lauren Bacall This autobiography introduced me to a charming and headstrong woman who has faced many trials and come out the other side trumphantA nice Jewish girl and granddaughter of immigrants Lauren's nee Betty Bacal parents divorced when she was uite young Her mother worked uite hard to support the two of them with the help of an extended family Lauren's dreams of performing onstage were encouraged by her mother; she attended a drama school and got her foot in the door of New York theater by working as an usher She also pursued modelling and a Harper's Bazaar cover was the key to Hollywood for her Howard Hawks took Bacall under his wing and introduced her to Hollywood as well as the love of her life Bogart I was surprised to find out how large the age difference between the two of them was 25 years They married when she was twenty and she lost him about a dozen years later The section where she describes his failing health and eventual passing brought tears to my eyes She gave Bogie a lot of credit for forming her character and attitude towards fame Bacall kept working both on stage and screen even through a second and failed marriage to Jason Robards Her three children 2 by Bogart one by Robards became the focus of her life as much as her career allowed She developed friendships with many of the stars of the 1940's 50's and 60's with Katharine Hepburn perhaps one of the closest She wrote about her failures as well as her successes; glorying in the high times and accepting the low Not being privy to Hollywood gossip I can't say how honest she truly was but the book certainly comes off that way The 3 sections of photos were a welcome addition as was the and then some section added to her original autobio from the 1980's This section as one might expect is uite reflective especially as she lost so many of her dear friends over the last two decades Autobiographies can be a mixed bag at times; but I found this one to be a celebration of a well lived life so far Recommended to those interested in the Hollywood of the 1940's 1960's as well as a good story

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By Myself and Then SomeC scenes in movie history But when Bogart died of cancer in Bacall had to find a way of living beyond the fairytale and ironic way she had evolved In a time of post war communism Hollywood blacklisting and revolutionary politics she moved with the legends Hemingway the Oliviers Katharine Hepburn Bobby Kenn. Great bio Learned a lot about the famous Bogie and Bacall relationship That was the best part Slowed down a little after that but was still good Has some pictures throughout the book which I always think is a great addition to any biography Definitely pick this up if you are a fan of Bogart Bacall or old Hollywood in general

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By Myself and Then Some review ↠ 0 Ä [EPUB] ✰ By Myself and Then Some ✶ Lauren Bacall – Lauren Bacall was barely 20 when she made her Hollywood debut with Humphrey Bogart and became an overnight sex symbol Their romance on and off screen made them Hollywood's most celebrated couple and t Lauren Bacall was bareEdy an engagement to Frank Sinatra and a second turbulent marriage to Jason Robards Now at BY MYSELF AND THEN SOME brings her story up to date including her recent films and Broadway runs fond memories of her children and many close lifelong friendships not least the greatest love of her life Humphrey Boga. Lauren Bacall tells the story of her life and the people who have been important to her over the years Writing in a candid chatty style Bacall is honest about her innocence and insecurities as she moved to Los Angeles when she was eighteen Telling stories about her early movies life with Humphrey Bogart his tragic death her return to the stage in New York and remarriage to Jason Robarts it is almost as though you are sitting with Bacall over a cup of tea or taking a peek into her diary One of the things that struck me about this book was the premium that Bacall places on friendship and how her friendships are such a central part of her life This book is an updating of her original book By Myself that she wrote during her divorce from Robarts and its appeal lies in its writing Rather than being shaped and polished by a ghostwriter the personality of Lauren Bacall shines on every page