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When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky On May 29 1913 the reaction was so polarized there were fistfights and riots Brilliant or disastrous the performance marked the birth of modern music and dance Stringer’s rhythmic text and gloriously Composer Igor Stravinsky dreamed of making something new and different; ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky shared a similar dream In 1911 the two met and inspired each other to create different art based on themes from traditional Russian music and dance Their initial collaboration resulted in a brawl in the audience due to its mixed reception Stringer's acrylic art is inspired by the 1910s using themes style and colors from that time They swish and swirl across the page capturing the flavor of the dance and music This is a fine introduction to these famous innovators of modern music and modern dance Recommended for PreK grade 3

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read When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky kindle å Hardcover ¾ lauren stringer ð [Reading] ➶ When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky Author Lauren Stringer – The Russian artists Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky were popular in their time Stravinsky for music Nijinsky for dance When thInventive color rich paintings capture the wild and imaginative collaboration of composer and choreographer The fascinating author note includes photos of the dynamic duo and The Rite of Spring dancers Highly Recommended returnreturnIn this non fiction picture book the reader is introduced to Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky The author introduces Stravinsky as a famous Russian composer and Ninjinsky as a famous Russian ballet dancer The two decided to collaborate and create something new that the world had not seen or heard yet It was so different that “at rehearsal some of the dancers declared it a mess and one or two musician walked out” The world premier of the Rite of Spring took place at the Theatre des Champs Elysees in May of 1913 clearly illustrated in the book Some of the audience hated it and some loved seeing something so new Some people began yelling and fighting in the aisles Stravinsky and Nijinsky were pleased that they had begun something very different and new on the night of their premierreturnreturnThe illustrations reflect the dissonant atonal avant garde feeling of the Rite of Spring The idea of cubism and Russian folk tales are woven throughout the pages There are instruments and music notes all over the place The images are very colorful and very loudjust like the ballet This book would be perfect for a read aloud in an upper elementary or middle school music class It introduces a movement and the idea of artists collaborating A lot of messages are conveyed in this picture book It would also be a good story to read in art class It conveys the idea of cubism and telling a story through visual art The reader can see that the illustrations were inspired by Picasso and Matisse This one night was revolutionary in the world of art Things were uickly changing and it was hard for some people to get used to this changereturnreturnI think some musical and artistic background is needed to fully appreciate this book or at least someone who can explain it to children It is very informative The author provides notes at the end about both Stravinsky and Nijinsky It also provides information about The Rite of Spring and the illustrations One thing that really stood out to me was that despite the near riot breaking in the theatre the conductor Pierre Monteux conducted Stravinsky’s score from beginning to end without missing a beat Amazing I don’t agree with the Horn Book review about the inaccuracy of the text For an introductory book it’s great Also the rhythm of the text reflects the rhythm of the music It is not too much This is an interesting and fun book There is also an accompanying AR test for those students interested

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The Russian artists Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky were popular in their time Stravinsky for music Nijinsky for dance When their radically new ballet The Rite of Spring was first performed in Paris Tells the story of the creative partnership between composer Igor Stravinsky and dancerchoreographer Vaslav Nijinsky After meeting in 1911 the two artists collaborated on the famous ballet The Rite of Spring They created something new and newness can be controversial Just ask the audience members who rioted in the streets of Paris following the first performance in 1913 How cool and unfortunate is that? Art mattersLauren Stringer's illustrations are beautiful and vibrant perfect for three year old eyes Sigourney kept asking why is everyone so mad? She was baffled but asked me to read the story at multiple bedtimesMy only wish is that I'd made an effort to find a recording online of The Rite of Spring I need to remedy that oversight asapA fun read that teaches a little history Enjoy the read and hum along