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Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2017 review À 0 í [EPUB] ✻ Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2017 Author Lawrence Booth – Goproled.co.uk Standard hardback editionThe most famous sports book in the world Wisden Cricketers' Almanack has been published every year since 1864 Home to some of the finest sports writing of the year from the lLson and Dileep Premachandran it Wisden Cricketers' PDF or includes the eagerly awaited Notes by the Editor the Cricketers of the Year awards and the famous obituaries As always it contains coverage of every first class game in every cricket nation and reports and scorecards for all Tests and ODIs together with trencha. Here’s a nice coincidence; the opening fixtures of the County Championship starts the day after the new Wisden hits the shelves or your doormat Yes some friendlies have been played and Kent got off to a flying start by beating LeedsBradford University but a win is a win as they say and Wisden will give you something to peruse during the lunch break or much longer if it’s raining and will certainly help me alleviate the forthcoming doom and gloom I’ll no doubt suffer over the next six months To businessIt’s best if you skip past pages 323 to 378 as that concentrates on England’s capitulationdisgracesurrendershame in India and Bangladesh Fortunately what you can get your teeth into is the usual high uality writing and editorial comments As a traditionalist I liked the article on the return of the cable knit sweater for this season and the feature on the kiss of death for some IPL players those traded for big money but never heard of again Unfortunately cricket like most other sports has become too money orientated witness the ridiculous sponsoring of IPL maximums “That six was brought to you by” Yes cricket needs cash but it also needs television viewers which isn’t happening With Sky’s mind boggling spending on football it makes you wonder how long it can continue to invest in cricket the company called one correspondent back from the West Indies to make him redundant Terrestrial TV has to be involved but will the ECB that only seem to see pound signs listen There are also fine pieces on two anniversaries; Test Match Special’s 60th and 25 years of Durham being a first class county a celebration somewhat diminished by their forced demotionIt’s good to see the women’s cricket section expanded from 21 pages last year to 38 From a purely personal point of view I’d like to see this part further enlarged But something would have to be removed to accommodate this Though the number of entrants was down the winner of the annual writing competition focused on Lancashire’s Gillette Cup semi final win in 1971; actually it focused on ‘that’ over And that is the beauty of Wisden; it covers all aspects of the game and doesn’t fixate on one particular areaOne of my favourite features are the ‘sound bite’ records within match reports They tend to carry shoulder shrugging information such as Derbyshire’s conceding of a double hundred in three successive Championship matches being only the fourth instance but they’re fun all the same Distressingly when you look at attendances it makes you wonder how some counties survive Derbyshire averaged 330 spectators per day’s play in the County Championship whilst Middlesex boasted 2394 though much of that can be attributed to the final game of the season when than 21000 attended over four daysSixteen pages of colour photos including an action shot of pin up Ellyse Perry and a rather scary one of ten boys playing on a rooftop in Mumbai as traffic below hurtles by For the first time since its inception in 2003 Wisden’s Book of the Year ‘Following On’ is written by a woman; take a bow Emma John Of course the saddest section in Wisden is the obituaries and last year was no different Jack Bannister Donald Carr Tony Cozier Martin Crowe Hanif Mohamma

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Standard hardback editionThe most famous sports book in the world Wisden Cricketers' Almanack has been published every year since Home to some of the finest sports writing of the year from the likes of Lawrence Booth Gideon Haigh Rob Smyth Patrick Collins Simon Wilde Osman Samiuddin Tony Cozier Benj Moorehead Raf Nicho. ALL OK

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Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2017Nt opinion compelling features and comprehensive recordsA perennial bestseller in the UK yet again this year's edition the th Wisden is truly a must have for every cricket fanThere can't really be any doubt about the cricket book of the year any year it's obviously Wisden Andrew Baker in the Daily TelegraphWisdenAlmana. Let's be honest you're a certain type of person if you're thinking about buying a Wisden You're a collector a certain type of cricket fan or relative of said fan and you're thinking about buying the book as a gift Irrespective of which group into which you fall this book contains the usual Wisden tut the Cricketers of the Year editor's notes the English season international cricket tours and the like so if you're buying the book for that you're going to get what you are used toFor the rest of us I'm not necessarily sure it's a good read it's a 1584 page book repleat with stats and data and that might not appeal to some but if you're getting into cricket or have the sort of brain that find a potted history of a year in sport coupled with opinion pieces about the sport appealing and you'll like it