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reader Ò Islam A Very Short Introduction read à goproled À [EPUB] ✻ Islam: A Very Short Introduction By Lecturer in Comparative Religion Malise Ruthven – Islam dominates the news often in stories filled with images of violence Yet these disturbing images are at odds with a faith that mosUp to date shedding light on some of the most significant changes in the Muslim world in recent years; from the emergence of al aeda and the attacks on New York and Washington on 911 and the ensuing wars in Afghanistan and Ira to the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa Ruthven includes a new chapter on Globalized Islam which examines the effects of economic globalization the impact of international events in Middle Eastern countries the uestions surrounding Islam and democracy and the reception and perception of Islam in the West I bought this book because it is recommended for an OU course I am not Moslem so I needed a fairly basic introduction Some books I looked at are so basic that they would insult almost anyone's intelligence while others are aimed at people who already have a sound knowledge This book is pitched at exactly the right level for the intelligent beginner

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Into this major world religion examining such issues as why Islam has such major divisions between movements such as the Shi'ites the Sunnis and the Wahhabis and the central importance of the Shar'ia Islamic law in Islamic life He also provides fresh perspectives on contemporary uestions Why is the greatest Jihad holy war now against the enemies of Islam rather than the struggle against evil? Can women find fulfillment in Islamic societies? How must Islam adapt as it confronts the modern world? For the new edition Ruthven brings the text I've always rated this book uite highly Students find the opening chapter hard going but it is easier after that This updated edition maintains the distinction it makes in the earlier edition between Islam and Islamism stressing that the latter is not Islam But it doesn't come across as convincing and isn't a sufficiently self critical idea other scholars have argued uite strongly that this is simplistic; and it isn't clear which model is being used as normative of the religion I have sympathy with the approach but the early chapters left me not fully convincedBeing a little picky I feel the very familiar passages now uite old swiftly brought up to date by recent events seems a little lazy The book probably needs a re write following what is happening with other VSIs on religions

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Islam A Very Short IntroductionIslam dominates the news often in stories filled with images of violence Yet these disturbing images are at odds with a faith that most adherents who now number over a billion worldwide would regard as no less pacific than Buddhism or Christianity Indeed the word Islam in Arabic means self surrender and is closely related to salaam the word for peace In this thoroughly revised new edition Malise Ruthven offers a balance compact and reliable overview of Islam An internationally recognized authority on Islam Ruthven offers essential insights This book borders on pro Islamic propaganda The author is being very dishonest when he says that Islam stopped being spread by the sword at around 750 AD as the Ottoman Empire reached its heights during the 14th 16th century He also claims that Islam absorbed Zoroastrian traditions and although it might be true Islam actually erased Zoroastrianism from the map while its influences are denied by religious Muslims like the influences from all pre Islamic paganism areWhat I find most telling though is that in the chapter about Mohamed the author left a blank space in one of the pages explaining that this is where an image of the Prophet should have been but was removed as it might offend some of the readers Now let's think about this if you are religious enough to be offended surely you will not be reading an A Very Short Introduction book written by a Christian will you? Could it be that the offended are not the readers but the financial sponsors of this book? Could it be that the same sponsors are so religious that they commissioned a whitewashing of their faith suitable for Western audiences?It is a shame that such prestigious publishers left these things unchecked