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The Kingdom of God Is Within YouAn unabridged edition sub titled Christianity Not As A Mystic Religion But As A New Theory Of Life; to include The Doctrine of Nonresistance to Evil by Force Has Been Professed By A Minority of Men from the Very Foundation of Christianity Criticisms of the Doctrine of Non Resistance to Evil by Force On The Part Of Believers & Of Unbelievers Christianity Misunderstood By Believers Christianity Misunder Interesting history about real Christianity MAKES YOU THINK ABOUT THE REAL MEANING OF RELIGIONIN OUR LIVES AND THE STRUGGLE TO REMAIN OPEN TO THE MYSTERY

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read doc À The Kingdom of God Is Within You MP3 CD ´ [Ebook] ➡ The Kingdom of God Is Within You Author Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy – An unabridged edition sub titled Christianity Not As A Mystic Religion But As A New Theory Of Life; to include The Doctrine of Nonresistance to Evil by Force Has Been ProfStood By Men of Science Contradiction Between Our Life And Our Christian Conscience Attitude of Men of the Present Day to War Significance of Compulsory Service Doctrine of Non Resistance to Evil by Force Must Inevitably Be Accepted By Men of the Present Day The Acceptance of the Christian Conception of Life Will Emancipate Men from the Miseries of Our Pagan Life Evil Cannot Be Supressed by the Physic This is an interesting book which I bought on the strength of its author's name It is almost a companion piece to War and Peace another pacifism book The reviews so far extensively cover the content of the book I will include some criticisms1 We need to keep in mind the Russian word Mir as in the ex space station Mir can be translated as peace or community As Tolstoy explains the progression of society he begins with the individual animal then the state pagan and finally the world ch IV So World Peace can be translated as World Community This idea is an expression of the Russian language2 Tolstoy is an advocate of a radical pacifism to the point on non intervention when others are being affected by evil p 33 34 In other words America should not have stopped Hitler That idea is worse than Nazism itself3 Tolstoy inadvertently makes the Self Inclusion Fallacy the technical name for when someone criticizes someone else for doing something that he himself is doing in psychology it is called projection The specific error he makes is that he relies on the Bible for his brand of pacifism and criticizes others for going beyond the bounds of the Bible for their brand of pacifism 34 Well Tolstoy's own argument is also not found in the Bible if it was why then write the book? It is the same mistake Martin Luther made Sola Scriptora is itself unscriptural4 Tolstoy also makes the mistake of citing a few scriptures as the basis of his philosophy He reduces the sixty six books of the Bible to a few verses and is therefore playing a one key piano His philosophy is like an elaborate slogan or bumper sticker Dr Boyd K Packer observed that any virtue pushed to an extreme becomes a vice So any truth pushed to an extreme becomes a lie5 C S Lewis warned about a hyphenated Christianity called Christianity AndScrewtape Letters ch 25 Tolstoy advocates a Christianity AND the Peace Movement What happens is Christianity gets politicized and reinterpreted in terms of the minor suffix and eventually the major prefix of Christianity is lost Look at the Crusades; we can sin in the opposite direction6 Tolstoy's reliance on scriptures only works if you believe the Bible7 Honestly who really IS for war? Just the bullies and the people of Evil Possibly the arms makers Maybe the generals and admirals But out of normal people who is for war? In light of the World Trade Center calamity many people are for defense and justice Tolstoy sees no distinction between defense justice and war The book presupposes that there is an inclination for war among people I concede that at the heart of every war is a philosophical uestion but Tolstoy never discussed the drives or appetite for war in man James 41Read this book with M Scott Peck's People of the Lie for another Christian's perpective on war especially chapter 6 MYLAI An Examination of Group Evil

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Al Force of the Government The Moral Progress of Humanity Is Brought About Not Only By Individual Recognition of the Truth But Also Through The Establishment Of A Public Opinion The Christian Conception of Life Has Already Arisen In Our Society and Will Infallibly Put an End to the Present Organization Op Our Life Based On Force When That Will Be Conclusion Repent Ye For The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Ha Before setting off for Turkey for two weeks in the summer of 2012 I had discovered the writings of Count Leo Tolstoy the famous Russian writer I only knew of his work as small inspirational uotations used by various writers but had never really been introduced to his work properly until i heard that he was a Christian Anarchistthen my ears perked upI was to go on to find that Tolstoy shared many of my beliefs about how the Christian church had over the millennia moved away from the traditional teachings of Jesus Christ Tolstoy's book The Kingdom of God is within you written well over a hundred years ago is relevant than ever for us today First printed in 1894 in Germany since it was banned in his native Russia it is the culmination of thirty years of Tolstoy's Christian anarchist beliefsReading The Kingdom of Heaven is Within you below the cool shade of the palms trees outside my rented apartment in Western Turkey last year the vision of Christ that Tolstoy put forth was the Christ I had known from my childhood the same Christ the church rebuked me for believing in in later years Tolstoy goes right for the jugular with his condemnation of the hypocritical church of his day a church not unlike our own todayAs is evident in the book Tolstoy was a pacifist and his teachings of The Doctrine of Non Resistance to Evil by Force is well explained throughout the book an example of which can be seen here The Sermon on the Mount or the Creed One cannot believe in both And Churchmen have chosen the latter The Creed is taught and is read as a prayer in the churches but the Sermon on the Mount is excluded even from the Gospel passages read in the churches so that the congregation never hears it in church except on those days when the whole of the Gospel is read Indeed it could not be otherwise People who believe in a wicked and senseless God who has cursed the human race and devoted his own Son to sacrifice and a part of mankind to eternal torment cannot believe in the God of loveWhile written over a hundred years ago the translator Constance Garnett has done an excellent job of translating this Russian masterpiece into English to the point where one could be inclined to believe it had been written yesterday Yet it loses none of it's potency to deliver one of the finest works in my view concerned with the teachings of Christ and the exposing of the hypocrisy within the modern day church Tolstoy continues But the Church is holy; the Church was founded by Christ God could not leave men to interpret his teaching at random therefore he founded the Church All those statements are so utterly untrue and unfounded that one is ashamed to refute them Nowhere nor in anything except in the assertion of the Church can we find that God or Christ founded anything like what Churchmen understand by the Church In the Gospels there is a warning against the Church as it is an external authority a warning most clear and obvious in the passage where it is said that Christ's followers should call no man master But nowhere is anything said of the foundation of what Churchmen call the ChurchThe book opened my eyes to the strange irony that our Christian nations are the same ones who spend so much money on military armaments often at the expense of health care all the while claiming to follow the pacifist love your enemies and bless those who curse you JesusI could go on and on about this bookI would highly recommend this book to anyone but especially to those who having sensed something hypocritical in traditional Christianity's teachings want a book to remind them of the difference between Christ's teachings and those of the Church It would also be a very good book for those who are either thinking about eventually serving in the military who also consider themselves to be of a Christian standing and also those who want material to convince their sons or daughters not to sign up for military life