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PDF Ô BOOK Psyche and the Sacred ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➿ Psyche and the Sacred: Spirituality Beyond Religion Author Lionel Corbett – Goproled.co.uk Lionel Corbett describes an approach to spirituality based on personal experience of the sacred rather than on pre existing religious dogmas Using many examples from Corbett's psychothLionel Corbett describes an approach to spirituality based on personal experience of the sacred rather than on pre existing religious dogmas Using many examples from Corbett's psychotherapy practice and other personal accounts the book describes various portals through which the sacred may appear in dreams visions the natural world through the body in relationships in our psychopathology and in our creative work Using Is there life after death? Do I believe in God? What is the meaning of life? I always thought I'd get round to answering these uestions when I don't know I was older I had time or I had experience of the world Perhaps it was just I wasn't brave enough Around four and a half years ago I decided to start trying to engage with these uestions I started reading books reviewed on this site attending workshops and retreats and trying to decide my beliefsIf I'd had enough knowledge when I started out I would have asked for a book that explained the difference between religion and spirituality I would asked for something that linked psychology my era of specialty with spirituality with special references to Jung I would asked for someone who had studied long and thought deeply and been prepared to give his or her opinions without pushing one true path I would have asked for some practical ideas without recruiting for one school of thought I found all those ingredients in this book Thank you Lionel CorbettEven amazingly this book gave me the space to think about my own direct spiritual experiences what Corbett calls the Numinosum rather than discount them because they don't fit the Judaeo Christian orthodoxy It even gave me some ideas for a book of my ownThe only problem is how will I find a book to follow this one Perhaps I should read it again? After all there is a lot to digest and I expect I will get different lessons the second time around

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The language and insights of depth psychology he describes the intimate relationship between spiritual experience and the psychology of the individual revealing the seamless continuity and intermingling of the personal and transpersonal dimensions of the psyche Corbett also discusses the problems of evil and suffering from a psychological rather than theological perspective and suggests some of the reasons that traditi I'm in full agreement with the previous reviewers this is a rich vital utterly necessary book for anyone feeling the presence indeed there's no one Truth period What he's talking about is a deeply personal intimate encounter between the individual & the InfiniteYes I'm using a number of capitals here but in a book like this they're warranted While hardline fundamentalism is thriving often violently through the modern world there seems less & less evidence of true spirituality Much of what passes for it is the thinnest of New Age wooliness devoid of spiritual struggle & striving seemingly no than self deception however comfortingBut one of the points that Corbett makes and than once is that meeting with the Sacred can be a shattering experience Certainly it's a humbling one for the Ego as it confronts us with our own self deceptions & lays them bare in an illuminating light that reveals their shallowness In short a genuinely spiritual life demands strength courage and a willingness to examine everything you once thought to be a firm & unyielding foundationWhile Corbett's approach is Jungian it's not one of unuestioning adherence to psychological dogma What he offers isn't a list of bullet points or X number of easy steps to enlightenment He's assuming that the reader has real uestions about engaging with that Something More whatever name you might wish to give it and developing a life with depth & meaning a life that continues to develop & sometimes alter over the years In other words an ongoing process rather than a defined & definite finish line He offers no guarantees other than the belief that this process is worth striving for And in that I concur most highly recommended

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Psyche and the Sacred Spirituality Beyond ReligionOnal religious institutions fail to address adeuately these problems Based largely on Jung's writing on religion but also drawing from contemporary psychoanalyticheory Corbett describes an approach to spirituality that is gradually emerging alongside the western monotheistic tradition For those seeking alternative forms of spirituality beyond the Judeo Christian tradition this volume will be a useful guide on the journ The centuries have eroded the brilliance of Christian symbols The Christian dogmas dominated Western civilization for so many years; now cannot satisfy the Occidental man any Since the Renaissance with the growth of rationalism the Christian church has been losing its command over modern man's life To many traditional religion is empty and does not point to a real emotional connection to the divine The symbols of Christianity are fading and as Jung said Once the gods have left the temples they never returnHuman beings cannot limit their lives to the materialrational side without paying attention to the spirit; to our souls Jung said that he had not seen a person who was going through the second part of life solve hisher existential dilemmas without a connection to the divineHow can we perform this task without joining an established church? The superb book of Lionel Corbett point us to the right direction He teaches how we can live a spiritually meaningful life a symbolic life as Jung used to say without embracing any particular theology or a religious tradition Problems like suffering and evil once given unacceptable answers by religion can now be faced with the help of deep psychology especially Jungian psychologyI consider this book a must read to everyone searching for a fuller life If I could give it than five stars I certainly wouldRoberto Lima Netto author of The Little Prince for Grownups