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Vanishing Girls: A totally heart-stopping crime thriller (Detective Josie Quinn Book 1) Read & Download é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Vanishing Girls: A totally heart-stopping crime thriller (Detective Josie Quinn Book 1) O read the readers are very Girls A totally PDF #180 amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the boo. Detective Josie uinn is currently suspended from the Denton Police Force awaiting a disciplinary hearing She’s not one to sit back and let things play out in their own time however and is desperate to help with the disappearance and possible abduction of seventeen year old Isabelle Coleman Her estranged husband Ray is also on the force and Josie tries her best to gain insight and information from him as well as the new man in her life hoping to earn some brownie points with the chief of police if she manages to uncover a leadWhen Josie has a near miss with a bullet riddled SUV and a another girl is found extremely traumatised and unresponsive too many uestions are raised for Josie’s liking The investigation seems to be getting nowhere fast so she begins to make her own enuiries despite the pressure to stay away from the case She discovers yet another woman who had been abducted then dumped on the side of road a couple of weeks later Her story was deemed to be a hoax But after speaking to the victim Josie doesn’t believe itLisa Regan has created a protagonist who initially I didn’t warm to even though she’s tough direct and efficient with a strong moral sense She’s an interesting and complicated character very confident in her abilities as a detective while at the same time having uite a mixed up personal life and a traumatic backstory which haunts herIt’s a complex plot which becomes involved and pacy as the story progresses and at the same time revealing of Josie’s backstory making her a sympathetic character Her grandmother Lisette is a favourite and although she doesn’t feature hugely her role in the story is significant The balance between the investigation and the characters’ stories works well Several short passages are told from the perspective of a captive or captives which adds to the tension and horror of the situation Denton is rife with corruption and as Josie begins to uncover the depth of deception and lies getting closer and closer to the truth her life and the lives of those she cares about are put in dangerAll in all I enjoyed reading Vanishing Girls despite some slight suspension of belief at times Josie has a lot of mileage in her and I like the small town setting It’s a great start to a new series Hopefully on to book two very soon

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Best A totally heart stopping crime eBook #9734 Ebook Vanishing Girls A A totally MOBI #243 totally heartstopping cr. Vanishing Girls is the first book in the Detective Josie uinn series and this is in fact the first book that I have read by this author and certainly wont be my last Vanishing Girls is a brilliant start to a new series which I couldn't put down and devoured it in one dayThe book starts off with one chilling prologue that left me wanting Set in a small town of Denton Pennsylvania a young girl Isabelle Coleman goes missing But then Detective Josie uinn finds an unresponsive damaged girl that they didn't know had gone missing Fearing that other girls are in danger It is a race against time to catch the killer and find Isabelle aliveJosie is one hell of a strong feisty character who is stubborn and very independent which I love There is plenty of character build up and really do get to her She hasn't had the best of luck with her personal life and her job Josie is actually suspended from work but that doesn't stop her getting involved in this case Has the story unfolds we learn that she is a very determined woman and wont give up I love everything about herThis story will have you on the edge of your seat willing Josie along it is full of twists and turns Without giving to much away the last 25% really did it for me when it all picked up speed and became very gritty with one hell of an OMG momentThis is a must read for Karin Slaughter fans and cannot wait to read what is in store next I highly recommend it giving it 4 well deserved stars

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Vanishing Girls A totally heart stopping crime thriller Detective Josie Quinn Book 1Ime thriller Detective Josie uinn Book Author Vanishing Girls PDFEPUBLisa Regan This is very good and a main topic t. Great story line Unfortunately the author thinks bad language makes it better so the book littered with foul language thst doesnt3add anything except that i won't recommend the author not read sny further bioks Shame really as the story was good Leave out the bad langauga3then you'll have a much wider audience We don't all talk filth