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kindle É Dino-Boarding ´ õ goproled Î ➳ [Reading] ➶ Dino-Boarding By Lisa Wheeler ➩ – Best Kindle Dino Boarding By Lisa Wheeler This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9781467702133 format Hardcover and others 32 pages Best Kindle, DinoBoarding By LisBest Kindle Dino Boarding By Lisa Wheeler This is ver Filled with monster waves wipeouts half pipes and tricks called nose grinds and double back rodeos DINO BOARDING is sure to please young readers looking for a thrillTalented children's book author Lisa Wheeler takes her young fans to yet another exciting dinosaur sporting event She narrates a fun filled day of surf boarding skate boarding and snow boarding with dinosaurs Her clever verse not only entertains but also includes accurate dinosaur information and spot on sports terminology that doesn't talk down to the pre school and early elementary crowdIllustrator Barry Gott uses bold colors and action packed artwork that gives readers a real feel for the crazy stunts and wild rides Wheeler describes The illustrations spread clear across each page from edge to edge and top to bottom and are filled with enough images to insure that readers who beg for repeated reads won't be bored DINO BOARDING follows Wheeler's other titles like DINO WRESTLING DINO FOOTBALL and DINO BASKETBALL and BASEBALL As in her previous books she also gives her readers a sneak peek at the DINO sport they can expect to read about next

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Y good and the main topic to read with book details i Received this free ebook copy from NetGalleyThe dinosaurs are back and ready to tackle any and all board sports One of the problems I had the book was the text The rhyming and wording was off and felt choppy in some spots distracting from the story line Several times after a board sport happened I thought the book was going to end only to turn the page and discover it continued The book fell a little flat for me Don't get me wrong I like the book and the illustrations are colorful eye catching and sometimes hilarious I think the author is very talented and kids young and old are sure to love dinosaurs

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Dino Boarding Sbn 9781467702133 format Hardcover and others 32 page I am not a fan of this series I think it is mostly because they all feel so forced the rhyming the abbreviated names of the dinosaurs I do like the colorful illustrations I like that proper sports terms and slang are used so the reader learns about a variety of sports This particular book was about boarding surfing skateboarding and snowboarding So despite the fact that I am not a fan does not mean I will not recommend this to others I know many little boys at my libraries that will adore this book as much as the others in the series