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Free read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB í Louise Douglas Nday Express S MagazineWhat readers are saying about The House By The SeaThe House by the Sea is a new favorite book of mine I adored the heck out of this book and Im so glad I read itThis book entirely consumed me from its opening pages until I reluctantly reached the final pageI really loved this book its an enthralling story haunting in its every detail so beautifully written The character development is uite exceptional and the whole book had an unforgettable impact Highly highly recommendedBeautifully written tale filled with suspense and intrigue Louise Douglas always gets the thumbs up from meDefinite page turner Well written with a good use of vocabulary Kept me on the edge of my seatDouglas is a master storyteller and really kept my attention from the start I enjoyed the mysterious component and the suspenseful romance in the story I highly recommend this bookBeautifully written I was transported to Sicily and swept up in the story of Edie and J. I read this during the storms pure escapism It would make a great holiday read This book resonated with me because I know the emotion contained here Edie and Joe are estranged through tragedy one Edie will never forgive her mother in law for It was written so well I felt every pang When Anna dies she leaves Joe and Edie a villa in Scilly It would be say enough to sell and move on there is a buyer ready and willing to move in However the house holds long forgotten secrets ones that Edie unwillingly becomes absorbed with A missing painting old diaries a real mix of intrigue and two lives that need a lot of healing It's been far too long since the last Louise Douglas book let's hope the next book is much uicker to arrive A refreshing story set in a beautiful landscape perfect for areading escape

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The House by the Sea: A chilling, unforgettable book club read for 2021 characters ✓ 106 ´ [Reading] ➼ The House by the Sea: A chilling, unforgettable book club read for 2021 By Louise Douglas – The Top 10 BestsellerA tender heart breaking page turning read Rach The Top BestsellerA tender heart breaking by the PDFEPUB #235 page turning read Rachel HoreThe perfect combination of page turning thriller and deeply emotional family story Superb Nicola CornickThe new chilling and captivating novel from the bestselling author of Richard Judy pick The Secrets Between UsWhen Edies mother in law Anna DeLuca dies she is relieved Edie blames Anna The House MOBI #198 for the accident that destroyed her family So when her will lures Edie to Sicily and the long abandoned Villa della Madonna del Mare she sees through Annas gamesSuspecting Anna is meddling from beyond the grave to try to reunite her and her ex husband Joe Edie is determined to leave Italy as soon as possible But House by the PDF #203 before she can the villa starts to shed its mysterious secretsWho are the girls beside Anna in her childhood photos and why has one of them been scratched out Why does someone or something want them to leave the past untouched The v. This is a truly terrible book not well written though I'm sure the author spent a long time on itIn her thanks at the end of the book what a pity there was no mention of an editor to thank one might have made a big difference Every few pages there are references to how she can feel the presence of her dead child “I felt him nearby” “for a fraction of a second Daniel was there staring at me wide eyed” “I was imagining Daniel sitting on my lap” “I was tucking Daniel into bed” “I felt a little tug Daniel reminding me he was present” Before long you want to scream But there are also very many announcements of the feeling she is being watched and of the the ghosts in the house “I swear I could feel Joe’s ancestors moving around me”The hints given almost from the beginning of the book that she and her ex husband will be back together soon are not just obvious they weigh tonnesAn editor might also have reminded her that you do not lay on a bed unless you have some strange egg laying talent you lie on it Yesterday you lay on it today you lie on it It’s also not explained how the villain of the piece has so much ready money she could immediately buy the house outright although she lives in a sualid slumOne person who is thanked is the illustrator who designed the beautiful cover”; the cover displays a 3 storey house although the text plainly describes it as a 2 storey building that there is a cellar only transpires later and as its existence is a surprise to the writer it cannot have been visible from outsideI suggest getting an editor in future; this might help the author avoid maddening repetition of dead sonex husband tropes and poor grammar

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The House by the Sea A chilling unforgettable book club read for 2021Illa is a place where old ghosts feel at home but does their legacy need House by the Sea A eBook #10003 to be laid to rest before Edie and Joe can move onBestselling author Louise Douglas returns with a captivating chilling and unforgettable tale of betrayal jealousy and the mysteries hidden in every family historyPraise for Louise DouglasKept me guessing until the last few pages and the explosive ending took my breath away CL Taylor author of The Accident on Your Beautiful LiesBeautifully written chillingly atmospheric and utterly compelling The Secret by the Lakeis Louise Douglas House by the Sea A eBook #10003 at her brilliant best Tammy Cohen author ofThe BrokenA master of her craft Louise Douglas ratchets up the tension in this haunting and exuisitely written tale of buried secrets and past tragedy Amanda Jenningsauthor of Sworn SecretA clammy atmospheric and suspenseful novel it builds in tension all the way through to the startling final pages Su. I wanted so badly to like it but there was nothing at all in its favour The first half of the book felt as though a child had written itjust so abysmal with repetitive sentences how she blamed her husband mother in law etc and hated them both I decide to plod through but there was no plot as such and no editing to speak of Did anyone check this book for grammar etcThe reader has to like the characters and want the best for them but after about the twelfth page I really couldn't care about any of them I was determined to give it my best shot though and finish it but when I came to this Joe and I were so close I couldn't tell where I ended and where he began I gave up totally Words fail me so did this book This was the first one I've read by this author and will be certainly the last