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FREE READ Follow the Stars Home 107 Â ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ Follow the Stars Home Author Luanne Rice – Acclaimed novelist Luanne Rice touches the deepest most tender corners of the heart Tami Hoag author of A Thin Dark Line Her stories remind us how precious and fragile life can be—and that we must r Acclaimed novelist LuanAnd her darkest hours Weeks before her daughter was born she and her husband Tim McIntosh received the news every parent fears Tim had not reckoned on their child being anything less than perfect and abruptly fled to a solitary existence on the sea leaving Dianne with a newborn almost aloneIt was Tim's brother Alan the town pediatrician who stood by Dianne and her exceptional daughter Throughout years of waiting watching and caring Alan hid his love for his brother's wife But one of the many hard choices Dianne. This book is really amazingJulia her mother and Alan'll make a really good familyAnd I love you Luanne for writing this book

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Acclaimed novelist Luanne Rice touches the deepest most tender corners of the heart Tami Hoag author of A Thin Dark Line Follow the PDFEPUBHer stories remind us how precious and fragile life can be and that we must risk our hearts every day to know happiness Follow the Stars Home is just such a novel a story of poignancy and heartbreak grace and courageBeing a good mother is never simple each day brings new choices and challenges For Dianne Robbins being a devoted single mother has resulted in her greatest joy. Idk it's very hard to rate this one This is not a bad book but it's just argh I can't put it in to the words I know that I was supposed to be touched but I didn't feel that way And I didn't feel for the characters Finished it uickly and I'm sure I will forget it soon

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Follow the Stars HomeHas made is to close her heart toward any man especially one named McIntosh It will take a very special twelve year old to remind them all that love comes in many forms and can be received with as much grace as it is givenAs lyrical and moving as the poetry of nature Follow the Stars Home is a miracle of storytelling that will take your breath away If words alone can dare us to confront our fears and to choose joy over sorrow then Luanne Rice's magnificent novel is a benediction and a call to celebrate our liv. Dianne was in NY with 12 yr old Amy It was snowing and they were attempting to hail a cab when a taxi spun out of control and hit them Amy broke her collar bone and Dianne was in serious condition when they were both taken to the hospital Her wallet was stolen but a card with the name of her husband's boat was in her purse and they called him Tim McIntoshDianne met Tim's brother Alan first They had one date after he moved into town to become the local pediatrician She then met Tim when he came into town to visit Dianne made playhouses and Tim came by to pick one up that she had made for Alan's office They married soon after Diane got pregnant and the baby had both physical and mental problems Tim was a fisherman and took off back to the sea after the baby was born without ever seeing her Julia Dianne raised Julia on her own with help from her mother Alan was Julia's pediatrician He had never married and was jealous of Tim for marrying Dianne For Alan it was love at first sight and he had never gotten over her For 11 years Dianne devoted her life to her daughter Julia She had time for little else She followed in her father's footsteps and became a carpenter Her father had worked on houses where Dianne made expensive playhouses to support herself and Julia After Tim left Dianne moved back home Her mother was Lucinda the town librarian Her father Emmett had died and her mother just retired Dianne hadn't let herself get involved with Alan because he reminded her too much of Tim Alan ran in the mornings and had often stopped by the library to read periodicals Lucinda kept a towel for him to wipe off his sweat and they developed a friendship Lucinda wanted Dianne and Alan to develop a relationship and did small things for Alan to get Dianne to notice him He was sick when he came by once and Lucinda persuaded Dianne to deliver some soup she made Alan was asleep when she went by Alan came by and Dianne would be there to see him and began to notice things like his nice body There was a girl in town who often came into Alan's office to play in the playhouse in his reception area Her name was Amy and she was a year older than Julia Her father had drowned when he was out fishing when she was a baby and her mother was depressed She had an abusive boyfriend Buddy brought home a dog one day and beat it while trying to make it mean He called him Slash Amy did what she could to protect the dog Alan introduced Amy to Dianne and she uickly became a friend to Julia She kept her home life to herself for much of the time while they were getting to know each other Alan continued to come around to check on Julia and Amy Amy began to come by almost every afternoon Dianne was worried that her mother would be concerned and Amy assured her that she wouldn't be missed There came a time that Buddy grabbed Amy and threatened to kill the dog Amy ran away with the dog to Dianne's Dianne called Alan and he came with a camera He took pictures of the hand print on Amy's arm and the Child Welfare Service placed Amy in Dianne's care They told Amy's mother that she wouldn't get Amy back unless she kept Buddy away from Amy and got herself on medication for her depression She did that and Amy spend the summer with Dianne while her mother was getting better Dianne was also beginning to realize that Alan was a different person than Tim and they were growing closer Dianne was frightened for Julia and she seemed to be getting worse in small increments She had Rhett's syndrome and was autistic Lucinda retired and her favorite book was Anne of Green Gables The women decided to rent a Winnebago and take a trip to Canada to see where the story was written They had a good trip and grew closer together Lucinda and Amy grew close because Lucinda had grown up as an orphan and felt as unloved and Amy did They visited many beaches and built lots of sandcastles They were headed home when Julia had a seizure She had the name of a friend of the McIntosh boys and called him to find out where to take Julia Tim just happened to be with him at the time and he suggested a nearby hospital in Fairfax Dianne took Julia there and called Alan Alan told Dianne to get Julia stabilized and then to fly her home Malachy had been around when the two boys were small and was like a second father to them Their father had died and their mother had turned to drink after their older brother Neal had died The death tore their family apart Tim spent a lot of time on the sea and Alan became a doctor to help others Tim couldn't handle sickness and imperfection Alan had once tried to get Tim to donate blood for Amy when she was about 3 and he refused He told Alan that his baby would be better off dead Now that she was in the hospital at 11 Malachy told him that he needed to go to the hospital to see her Tim refused and Malachy told Tim that he was through with him He was a coward and that his behavior was unacceptable Tim accepted that and left back to his boat Dianne returned home and there was a house that Dianne and her father often stopped by when she was young It was the house that her father had used for to design her playhouse when she was young Alan found out that the house was for sale and purchased it It had a bedroom for he and Dianne and another downstairs for Julia Dianne was hurting herself by carrying Julia and down the stairs in her mother's houseAmy returned back home with her mother and she was taking her medication She was doing really well in school this year She began writing and was pretty good She was disappointed that her mother wasn't taking of an interest in what she was doing She couldn't help but compare her mother to Dianne Her mother started returning to her previous state of sleeping a lot and wasn't consistent about taking her medication She ran out of her house one night after arguing with her mother and she went by Dianne's She wasn't noticed by anyone but her dog who she had renamed Orion after Buddy had left Buddy was watching Dianne's house and picked up both Amy and Orion He drove them to a bridge and tied Orion in a bag and threw him off the bridge Amy didn't know what Buddy was going to do with her so she jumped off the bridge while Buddy drove off Both the dog and Amy were rescued from the freezing water by a lobster fisherman Buddy was arrested and put in jail Her mother realized that she needed to get back on her medication and resolved to get better for Amy Amy spent Thanksgiving with Lucinda Dianne Julia and Alan Alan asked Dianne to marry him after her and Amy returned from NY where they were going to see the Nutcracker Lucinda had bought them tickets Dianne agreed to marry Alan She realized that she had married the wrong brother and Alan had filled out the paperwork to adopt Julia Dianne was worried that she was too happy Her and Amy traveled to NY where they were struck by a taxi and ended up in the hospital The hospital called Tim while Amy gave them Alan's number Alan drove to NY and Tim had already seen Dianne Dianne could barely talk but she told Tim to get out of her room Alan asked Tim to stay when he walked in as Tim was leaving Tim and Alan talked and Tim told Alan that he wouldn't stop the adoption and he knew that he was leaving and would never see either of them again Dianne had told Tim that she forgave him as she was telling him to get away from her The final chapter of the book was from Julia's perspective She was locked inside of her body and knew she was leaving soon She was anxious to die and be freed from her body She knew she had a friend in Amy and loved her mother She considered Alan her father and was glad for her mother that they would soon be living together She thought of the apples that they had picked up and dried from their time in Canada Lucinda had taken the apples and made them into dolls with clothes and all They were to be Christmas presents this year They were all like the dolls where they were ugly things that someone had seen the worth in and picked them up and made them into something beautiful