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Swimming with Sharks kindle à eBook Inside the World of the Bankers À LuyendijkJoris À ❰Reading❯ ➷ Swimming with Sharks: Inside the World of the Bankers Author LuyendijkJoris – Goproled.co.uk Luyendijk journeys into the insider world of bankers talking to oveAl sector He uncovers a financial time bomb at the heart of our societ I am the sort of reader that dips into a book at bedtime to read until sleepy Not this book Whilst on leave over Xmas I looked forward to waking up grabbing coffee staying in bed and tonight finishing the book whilst ignoring everything around me Grpping

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Luyendijk journeys into Sharks Inside PDF #10003 the insider world of Great book very insightful into the world of finance and banking Backs up much that John Lanchester wrote in Whoops strongly recommend that the two books are read togetherThe interviews with various folks from within the world of finance are really illuminating and fully back up the writers analogy of the world of finance as a 747 flying at full throttle without a pilot Nicely written easy read and his reactions to what he learns are terrificIf you want to gain a better understanding of just how insane the world of finance is read this book

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Swimming with Sharks Inside the World of the BankersBankers talking to over people in an attempt to understand the financi This book provides a useful insight into the arcane world of current banking Many onlookers have long suspected that too little has changed in the industry since the financial crisis Based on two hundred interviews the author demonstrates that this is undoubtedly the case Short term profit maximisation remains the overarching goal to generate the vast bonuses which bankers expect In an environment of job insecurity and limited transparency participants are still prepared to take enormous risks They live in a moral vacuum and smugly dismiss any criticism as envy Changing culture and values is difficult to bring about than the simple task of restoring balance sheets Anybody with an interest in banking reform or averting a future financial crisis should benefit from reading this book