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Lynsay Sands spins a funny laughable taleEloisa James on Taming the Highland BrideAdrian Montfort Earl of Mowbray had been warned that Lady Love is PDFEPUBClarissa Crambray was dangerous From stomping on toes to setting wigs on fire the stunning beauty was clearly a force to be reckoned with Still hes in. I enjoy reading historical romance novels and Lynsay Sands is very clever and entertaining with her stories as with all her series

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Love is BlindNeed of a wife and is sure he can handle one woman and her unfortunate past Intrigued by the mysterious vixen he soon discovers hes greatly underestimated the ladyClarissa would like to find a husband but perhaps not as much as her stepmother would like one for her The woman has forbidden Clarissa from we. Turn down the central heating before you start this bookThis is such a good read and very funny too It tells the story of poor Clarissa Crambray who is nearly blind without her specs Her horrid step mother has taken them away from her because they make you look ugly Set in 1818 Clarissa is 24 years old and is supposed to be enjoying her first season out after a shameful scandal 10 years before But without her glasses she can't see anything or anybody just a swirling mass of colour as they all enjoy their evening dancing awayEnter Lord Adrian Mowbray who was scarred in battle and hasn't been to town for 10 years after a spell of fainting women at the sight of him His cousin tries to warn him away from the pretty Clarissa saying that she's too vain to not wear her glasses when the result is that of many accidents and clumsiness Not deterred in the slightest Adrian heads on over and begins a conversation with the poor girl who's obviously miserable at not being asked to dance Off they whirl and so begins a wonderfully sweet and yet passionate courtshipThere is also a sub plot here that runs alongside the main story Someone may be out to hurt Clarissa because surely all these 'accidents' can't be all down to the fact that Clarissa has no spectacles The characters are well written and well rounded and are simply wonderful The story has enough to keep you guessing with a couple of red herrings thrown in to boot Add to that the steamy sex scenes and you're in for a real treat Anyone who has enjoyed Ms Sands before won't be disappointed I say read this if you're a fan of sexy romance novels but enjoy a bit of fun too even if you've never tried Lynsay's work before

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Love is Blind Free read É 2 ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Love is Blind ✪ Author Lynsay Sands – Lynsay Sands spins a funny laughable taleEloisa James on Taming the Highland BrideAdrian Montfort Earl of Mowbray had been warned that Lady Clarissa Crambray was dangerous From stomping on toes to set Lynsay Sands spins a fAring her spectacles so she can look prettier but how is she to see her potential suitors Besides shes already caused enough mayhem to earn a rather horrible nickname Just when she is about to give up hope of anyone asking her to dance a man comes to lead her to the dance floora dark handsome blur of a ma. Have I been reading the same book I read the reviews and was eager to lose myself in Regency England once again Well what a swizz The author clearly has no or very little understanding of her chosen period Whilst the Regency ushered in relaxed conventions there were still very strict rules on what one could and could not do Young women and particularly if there was a whiff of scandal in their past would be extremely careful of their reputations Not so our heroine who happily makes assignations with the hero left right and centre Then too the hero's mama connives with him to ensure that the interested couple spend time together in private She would have been denied entry to any Top Ten Thousand household in a heartbeat I confess that that was the final nail in this coffin I could read no I had no wish to know how the relentlessly cheerful heroine overcame her myriad trials or how the steadfast but broken hero proved his love My first and last book by this author sigh