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ePub ✓ Shiver AUTHOR Maggie Stiefvater ñ 392 pages î [Download] ➾ Shiver Author Maggie Stiefvater – Goproled.co.uk For years Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house One yellow eyed wolf—her wolf—is a chilling presence she can't seem to live withoutMeanwhile Sam has lived two liveW Grace meets a yellow eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away It's her wolf It has to be But as winter nears Sam must fight to stay human or risk losing himself and Grace forev ”I saw it I saw her in a way I’d never seen anything beforeAnd I stopped itI really liked this one I really did and considering the many negative reviews I read I can’t help but wonder if I’m truly that easy to please lol I guess the answer is “yes” because I definitely would read every single book Maggie ever wrote and if possible I’d even read her grocery list I just love her writing style the way she always manages to create an amazing atmosphere how she weaves a mystery around it all and adds so beautifully broken characters into her plot line I don’t know how she does it but I’m addicted to her books and no matter if other readers think that she disappointed them with Shiver all I can say is Maggie you made me very happy with this book 333 ”Beck made perfect eggs More than that Beck kept me Sam Back then with the scars on my wrists still so fresh I’d been so dangerously close to fracturing into something that was neither human nor wolf”Aww Sam I swear Sam is such a special snowflake and I loved him right from the start This boy is precious so damn precious I can’t even I loved that he was always so shy around Grace and that he tried to keep his distance even though he was in love with her Beck was right; Sam really is the best of them all And don’t even get me started about his yellow eyes How cool is that? A boy that turns into a wolf and has yellow eyes XD Also his past oh my Maggie you have a talent to write the best broken characters and Sam is no exception to the rule Poor boy and what he had to go through I just wanted to wrap him into a blanket and keep him warm ”I wondered what Grace saw in me why I fascinated her What was I without my wolf skin? A boy stuffed so full of words that they spilled out of me”And no matter how many people think this is a typical YA story with werewolves Well you’re not wrong but you’re definitely not right either I mean yes we have the insta love trope and it’s pretty strong in that one but if you think about it Grace and Sam kinda knew each other for years lol PLUS Sam isn’t the super strong alpha male who’s a tease and tries to get into Grace’s pants Nope uite the contrary he is shy he’s super sweet he’s decent he’s vulnerable and he’s not strong At least not physically His mind? Well that’s an entirely different story because this boy definitely has a than just strong will 3 ”Dull orange brown leaves dry and dead clung to the branches and fluttered in the wind waiting for the gust of wind that would knock them to the ground That was what Sam was transient A summer leaf clinging to a frozen branch for as long as possible”He fought against his change and boy how hard he fought In fact both of them did Grace tried her best to help him but with the temperatures dropping so low this was a real struggle And this kind of brings me to the next thing I loved about the book The temperature information at the beginning of every chapter This was a really cool detail and it really helped me to get a feel for the story ”I felt like things were getting away from me I’d found heaven and grabbed it as tightly as I could but it was unravelling an insubstantial thread sliding between my fingers too fine to hold”As for the side characters I loved Isabel and I was intrigued with Beck They both were interesting characters and I’m pretty curious if they will make an appearance in the next book I can’t really say that I want to see Shelby but I’m afraid she’ll make an appearance no matter if I want her to or not lol Also can I have of Paul? He seemed to be a fun character and he’s the wolf pack leader so I hope there will be time with him in “Linger”? XD All told I enjoyed this immensely and because the ending was so abrupt I feel like I need to dive into the next book soon I’m afraid I was once again left with thousands of uestions and I’m in dire need of some answers so we better start to read this soon ; Werewolves are perfect for October right? lolLast but not least I want to thank my awesome Sugar Bun for reading this book with me As always our buddy read was rather spontaneous but I really enjoyed it and I loved that we tried to guess the ending And in my defence What would you do without me? You’d never read all those amazing yucky love romances lol ; P So are you ready for book two? grins innocently Haha

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For years Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house One yellow eyed wolf her wolf is a chilling presence she can't seem to live withoutMeanwhile Sam has lived two lives I read this book to the end so you don’t have to Shiver should come with a Surgeon General’s Warning I think all the purple prose has blacked out my eyes Too bad the swelling didn’t prevent me from noticing the ginormous plot holes And I need some aspirin because my head aches from clenching my jaw as I am certain all the sappy sweetness contained in this adverb infested book was injected straight into my molars I am very much at a loss as to how this book has received so many glowing reviews Am I missing something?Allow me to recount the story for mood purposes you need to know that the setting of this book is frigid so well feel cold okay? Moving on Grace is 17 and in love with a golden eyed wolf that saved her when she was 11 and too weak and insipid to fight back for herself as wolves were attempting to consume her flesh Unable to think of anything but her love for a wild dog Grace is forever seeking out her wolf trying to catch a glimpse of him or possibly make friends with him a la White Fang only in a romantic way Sounds disturbing right? Well brace yourself cause this wild dog is eually obsessed and in love with Grace either due to the fact that she looked like an angel while lying in the snow nearly catatonic and helpless or because his wolf self likes the stink of fear and uselessness What follows is a story about how these two characters defy lame and dare I say “borrowed” werewolf lore meet cuddle spout lame poetry and construct sad song lyrics The best part of this book is the cover and the font which sadly had nothing to do with the author There was one well done scene and the description was able to establish the temperature of the setting which was pertinent to the plot But the very thing that the author was good at description was one of the very worst things about Shiver I have yet to meet and I pray that I never will a guy that describes himself as a “leaky womb” I don’t even know what that means I guess he felt like a menstruating uterus which seems very strange I have never eaten in a kitchen that smells like easy survival nor liked the smell of armpit or heard a guy call anything “horribly cute” much less a pom pom hat call me crazyAlso I am sure this author doesn’t like having her book compared to Twilight but it seems as though she was attempting to cash in on its success Aside from the whole temperature angle the werewolf lore in this book reeked of Stephanie Meyer’s werewolf lore which was ludicrous not to mention a major bore fest Grace might as well have been a Bella cutout though somehow not as interesting which is a whole new low that I never would have thought possible And Sam well he is the werewolf version of Edward only lacking in confidence swoonworthiness and talentI’m not going to lie I had some aww moments I’ve already mentioned there being one very well done scene and sometimes I would catch myself nearing a teary eyed state when Sam would talk about his dread of the impending winter But those moments were usually massacred by extreme ridiculousness childishness pretentious poetry and random outbursts of nonsensical song lyrics that were impossible to ignore So YA readers do yourself a favor and avoid this book like the plague otherwise you may experience bruising of the retinas sore teeth and burnt fingers from turning all those frosty pages Other side effects may include side stitches from laughing at extreme ridiculousness random eye twitching and scratchy throat from asking WTH? times than I can count

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Shiver AUTHOR Maggie StiefvatIn winter the frozen woods the protection of the pack and the silent company of a fearless girl In summer a few precious months of being human until the cold makes him shift back againNo Lovely lyrical and achingly sad Shiver is introspective than most YA books and is sometimes criticized for being too slow or wordy but I found it to be beautifully written tragic and a gorgeous take on werewolf lore Sam's desperate struggle to hold onto his humanity is incredibly poignant and his heartrending relationship with Grace is deeply emotional and sweet It's a book that makes me cry every time I read it Sam cupped my face in his hands and looked me in the eyes His eyes were yellow sad wolf mineThese stay the same Remember that when you look at me Remember it's me PleasePS this book is NOTHING like Twilight despite the inevitable comparisons because of the subject matter It's in a class all its own