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READ Ô Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach ↠ ❰EPUB❯ ✷ Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach Author Margarita Madrigal – Learn the basics of the Spanish language with this easy to use guide by one of America's most pKey to PDF #8608 this easy to use guide by one. It's hard to think of anything to add to all the other 5 star reviewsMy background is in TEFL and ESOL I really loathe the standard tense by tense or scenario driven approach adopted by so many authorsThey remind me of O'Level French 45 years later I still recall my first trip to France proudly armed with my ability to describe in fine detail A country picnic but didn't know how to ask for a loaf of bread or say one of those pleaseMadrigal thankfully emphasises useful practical language that will be needed in conversation To that end she introduces the past tense very uickly arguing that most conversations are about what has happened rather than what is happening I 100% agree with thatShe makes a big thing of how many Spanish words English speakers already know if they simply learn a few rules on how to Spanishify them She provides long lists of examples which ram this home and build confidenceI also bought her See It Say It In Spanish as well and I use them in parallelIf you are serious about learning to speak Spanish I highly recommend both books

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Of America's most prominent language teachers. This book is based on identifying patterns to give you the learner the fastest possible entry point into actually usable Spanish how to convert thousands of English words to Spanish euivalents how to conjugate verbs in past present and future crucially without trying to kill your enthusiasm with horrendous grammar tablesConjugations are introduced slowly so the learner is not faced with table after table of conjugations in all forms After all we didn't learn English by learning grammar first we learnt it by identifying patterns and then when we were at school we learnt grammatical terms and nuances In fact the learner is introduced to the singular forms of only the first person and third person for a good portion of the bookThe learner is introduced to the past tense first in order that useful expressions can be made from the word go This is on the grounds that a lot of our conversations in daily life are about the past what we did at the weekend last week last night or this morning for exampleEverything that is introduced is followed by than ample opportunity to practice there are sentences to read and wordphrase combination drills to perform One reviewer has said that the book is too long but I would temper that view with the knowledge that the increase in volume is actually due to these many examples of usage and wordphrase combination drills In fact I have found other resources far too brief in this regardI am no language savant a fact sadly not false modesty but I am a linguistic enthusiast and having sought out and used beginner level materials for Russian Japanese Italian Greek and Amharic and having taken French A level and German O level at schoolcollege a long long time ago D I can say that this book is better at getting the learner up and running with usable language than any other book or online resource that I have found to date by a country mile With most others I have found that there is far too much unnecessary grammar introduced far too early to engage the learner and provide opportunities to succeed in reproducing and reusing the language learntSome reviewers have pointed to the South American bias of this book as being a problem for anyone wishing to speak Spanish in mainland Spain but I have found no such issues in the dozen or so times that I have visited Spain The odd person has tried to correct my gracias to grathias but after a bit of interaction they have realised that I am not being lazy or uneducated but rather speaking the South American flavour and they can understand it perfectly well And let's not forget that the vast majority of people will try hard to understand a foreigner that tries to use their language and never underestimate the power of always using please and thankyou and indeed pointing and saying the appropriate numbers with a hopeful smile D We even have significant differences British English I was brought up in southern England and have worked in Sheffield recently and whilst I would “make a brew” they will “mash” I will feel “cold” but they will be “nesh” something might be “dirty” but to them it will be “mardy” Differences are easily overcome with very little effort and really should just add to our enjoyment of the vibrant nature of languageAs with all language learning resources the effort exerted by the learner is the actual key to learning a foreign language to whatever level the learner feels that they want to achieve but Madrigals Magic Keys To Spanish is an excellent starting point and gives a great deal of potential for uickly usable language from which the learner can then spring and delve into other resources and learning opportunities

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Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish A Creative and Proven ApproachLearn the basics of the Spanish language with. Excellent worth while addition in my uest to learn Spanish