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That way Why was she hearing about Muslim women from people who were demonstrably neither Muslim nor female Taking one of the most politicized and misused words associated with Muslim women and IslamophobiaIt’s Not About the Bura has something to say twenty Muslim women speaking up for themselves Here are essays about the hijab and wavering faith about love and divorce about ueer identity about sex about the twin threats of a disapproving community and a racist country a. As soon as I first heard about this anthology being published I knew I had to buy it as soon as it released A book that is written by Muslim women about their experiences Yup I need it Just reading the introduction had me hookedIt’s not about the bura brings together Muslim women’s voices It does not represent the experiences of every Muslim woman or claim to cover every single issue faced by Muslim women It’s not possible to create that book But this book is a start a movement we Muslim women are reclaiming and rewriting our identityEach essay is so powerful that even though some were relatable than others I still loved them all because they all dealt with issues that I can relate to They discuss so many relevant issues that Muslim women deal with especially living in the west from misogyny racism to islamophobia and taboo subjects in the community and how each of them has been affected by it and how they dealt with itWhile reading the essays I would often stop and need to go talk to my husband about the topics that were being discussed It reignited my passion about speaking out about so many issues that are so common with our communities I felt heard and that I wasn’t alone in feeling like thisSome of my favourite essays were by Sufiya Ahmed Nafisa Bakkar Afia Ahmed Jamilla Hekmoun and Mariam Khan I resonated with these essays SO MUCH Sufiya was talking about Khadijah ra and how much Khadijah ra inspired her I felt the same Khadijah ra has been one of my role models since I was a teenager so it was wonderful to see someone else speak about her and how much she loved her Khadijah’s ra life and all that she achieved made a huge impact in my lifeAbove all Khadijah ra taught me that I had every right to exist as I chose Just like she did as the wealthiest merchant in MeccaNafisa’s essay was so thought provoking and written so elouently in a way that I would never be able to express myself She made me rethink the way I see diversity in the media how Muslim women are shown in the media when it comes to brands wanting to show diversity I loved reading her essay so much and it sparked many discussions with people I spoke toWhat is the point of being represented if it is only our image that is invited to the tableAfia’s essay brought me to tears She wrote about something that I had been feeling for a while yet I had no one to speak to about it She wrote about how I feel when it comes to how I feel about the hijab and how “Muslim friendly” attire is shown to us and how all of this can affect my relationship with God I felt so seenNo I don’t take kindly to my religion and ideology being co opted and appropriated as a money making scheme I do not take kindly to aspects of my religion suddenly being acceptable and not only tolerated but celebrating only when a tall white model is dressed in my ethno religious attireJamilla spoke about a subject filled with misconceptions and ignorance in the Muslim community She spoke about mental health and what it means to be Muslim and have depression and anxiety How people will tell you to just pray and you will be fine and how you can’t possibly be Muslim and depressed A notion that doesn’t actually exist in Islam As someone who has anxiety it’s a topic close to my heart and one that I still have difficulty discussing with people and going to a counsellor who doesn’t really understand my faith means it isn’t always helpfulMy mental illness does not define me It might change my mood at times but it does not change who I am and most importantly it does not make me a bad person especially in the eyes of GodMariam dealt with an issue that has been the cause of much argument in the Muslim community feminism I loved how she spoke about white feminism and how these women despite claiming to speak for all women are silent or even against how Muslim women choose to dress It is something that I have seen time and time again How discussions amongst Muslim women are often co opted by white feminists and islamophobes and so we can never really speak for ourselvesIf you want to know if you are going the right way follow women of colour sisters and brothers We know where we need to go and e know where justice is because when we fight for justice we fight it for all people for all our communitiesThis collection of essays is so relevant and so needed in today’s society and I hope that people will read it and it will spark discussions amongst people they know Honestly everyone should read this book

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It's Not About the Burqa Muslim Women on Faith Feminism Sexuality and RaceNd about how Islam and feminism go hand in hand Funny warm sometimes sad and often angry each of these essays is a passionate declaration and each essay is calling time on the oppression the lazy stereotyping the misogyny and the Islamophobia It’s Not About the Bura doesn’t claim to speak for a faith or a group of people because Not About the Bura Muslim MOBI #198 it’s time the world realized that Muslim women are not a monolith It’s time the world listened to them. An amazing book which I devoured fast and easily Accessible funny heartwarming enlightening Relevant to everyone human and anyone curious about the lives of others Everyone should read this book then buy another and gift it to a friend

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Read & Download It's Not About the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race 107 Â ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ It's Not About the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race Author Mariam Khan – When was the last time you heard a Muslim woWhen was the last time About the PDF #10003 you heard a Muslim woman speak for It's Not MOBI #198 herself without a filter It’s Not About the Bura started life when Mariam Not About the Epub #218 Khan read about the conversation in which David Cameron linked the radicalization of Not About the Bura Muslim MOBI #198 Muslim men to the ‘traditional submissiveness’ of Muslim women Mariam felt pretty sure she didn’t know a single Muslim woman who would describe herself. Wish I hadn't bought this book as the proceeds support some very counterproductive narcissistic personalities indeed There are a couple of decent contributions in this collection but why the authors of these would want to be associated with the rest of the garbage in here I will never know The book reinforces stereotypes that Muslim women are struggling pretty much with everything; hijab men relationships mental health Instead of humanising us it appears to confirm that Muslim women really do live lives of harship Where are the intellectuals in here The aalimahs The scientists The converts