FREE READ ´ Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life

FREE READ Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life

FREE READ ´ Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life ☆ ➠ [Epub] ➚ Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life By Mark Kingwell ➪ – In Catch and Release philosopher Mark Kingwell has written a book about fishing oraccurately about thinking aboIn Catch and Release philosopher Mark Kingwell has Release Trout MOBI #241 written a book about fishing oraccurately about thinking about fishing that is unlike any book ever penned about this most uniue and challenging of sports This vibrant blend of memoir travelogue reflection and discussion of the finer points of the art is framed around an annual fishing trip that he and his father and two brothers t. I am not a fishing enthusiast I have never fished before and I don’t intend to Until I read this book I thought—like Kingwell—sport fishing was stupid However this book is not about fishing and Kingwell established it in the first chapter Rather this book is about understanding the meaning of life by reflecting on the act of fishing In this sense Fishing is not StupidThis book is packed with anecdotes and personal insecurities that the author has experienced One would expect a mighty Kingwell revealing through the pages but uite the contrary Kingwell describes the vulnerability the weakness and the disappointments that we humans have experienced one way or another through his own lived experiencesKingwell draws from philosophers as expected to explain small but relevant moments that are important in life and wonderfully links the act of ‘fly fishing’ to the meaning of life Again this book is not about fishing; it’s about learning feeling reflecting and imagining—similar to those feelings we go through when experiencing the arts This book takes a friendly philosophical stance filled with truisms and deep reflections The main messages that Kingwell delivers are the need to be patience the avoidance of boredom and procrastination the need to find one's self and in particular to find one's way through the day In one sentence his message is “Get up Begin Make your way from bed to the shower Remember that this is the hardest thing you will do all day” p 243 This book is very engaging entertaining humorous and profound; I could not put it down but I had to I realized I need to go fishing

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T—leads Kingwell through everything from falconry male bonding and procrastination to golf cooking and the relationship between reflection and action—not to mention the relative benefits of wet versus dry flies the cast and the ethics of fishing Ultimately and as this book engagingly shows fishing is worth thinking about because of the thinking that fishing allows Especially when the trout aren’t bitin. This is an reflective meandering book written by a philosopher It contains fishing but it is not about fishing DO NOT get this book if you are looking for an exciting tale about anglingIf on the other hand you are one of the rare birds who enjoys reading meandering philosophical musings then this book is for you because Kingwell meanders and muses better than any philosopher I have readHere's a taste1 The type of thinking that takes place while fishingThe state of mind peculiar to fishing is neither precisely analytical nor entirely aimless; rather it's a happy wandering that may outwardly resemble calm yet inwardly accommodates the most felicitous meanders a uivering suspension in the delights of the moment You are there but not there concentrating but immobile sharp eyed but relaxed Fishing is as close to perfect mental euilibrium as a mortal may wish to approach it seems to me since the asymptotic end point it sketches is probably indistinguishable from an out of body experience or indeed death It is says one devotee a sport capable of reducing the most inuiring mind to the happy indifference of a turnip And how determinedly do we seek the vegetative state of contentment this oddly welcome fever of peace this therapeutic disease2 The difference between concentrating and thinkingFishing is reflexive because it empties the mind of the task oriented cares of everyday life makes room for thought But much of that happens as it were at the margins Fishing isn't like strolling in the woods It reuires your close and undivided attention and so clears a space of almost timeless emptiness You fall into the moment and hours pass without any awareness beyond the parting clouds the rising breeze a loon's call But you can't fall entirely into reverie or you will fail You must make your reflection active your repose eager Like playing the field in baseball still in cricket angling will not work unless you match leisure with close attention a readiness to react swiftly and elegantly when the conditions suddenly demand it3 In fishing done properly where hope rules over reason there is no conflict between action and contemplation and so no issue of resolution thereof4 Virtues of the angler imagination over certainty; curiosity over pride; hope over security5 Fishing teaches us to dream to find apertures of possibility in the edifice of daily life; to act by contemplating as a way of acting To angle is to live in hope And just as surely hope's contours are revealed by angling's calmness6 Waiting is action too7 Fishing like all hope is an embodied paradox of desire and desire's defeat8 You think you fish alone ultimately you do fish alone all alone because nobody but you is holding the rod but this is a kind of shared aloneness9 The successful shift from long bouts of waiting giving way without warning to bursts of adrenalized excitement is one of the things that marks a good angler from someone who simply dangles a line in the water10 Boredom is the basic condition for philsophizing11 Procrastination has been called the 'thief of time' and most commentators have been bent on bringing the miscreant to justice But why What's so great about time12 Absent a strong external pressure or a successfully imposed internal one there are no incentives for doing anything that involves effort pain self denial or deferral of other pleasures Or for doing anything at all13 A good angler must bring an inuiring searching observing wit but he must bring a large measure of hope and patience and a love and propensity to the art itself14 The battle is never between you and the fish it's between you and yourself15 And finally the point of the bookFishing is not really about fish in the end or even the beginning It's about what we allow ourselves to think what we see reflected back when we look in the mirror of nature

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Catch and Release Trout Fishing and the Meaning of LifeAke each year to British Columbia Between the drinking cigars and the piloting of a small dingy Kingwell previously of the belief that “fishing is stupid” finds that the sport does allow Catch and PDF for one important thing—uite a bit of time to just think allowing thoughts to wander and new vistas to open up This realization—a kind of felicitous meandering and suspension in the delights of the momen. Product as described Speedy delivery