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PDF ☆ Anger Is a Gift Á Mark Oshiro Six years ago Moss Jefferies' father was murdered by an Oakland police officer Along with losing a parent the media's vilification of his father and lack of accountability has left Moss with near crippling panic attacksNow in his sopho ye 45 Stars I really really loved this book An absolute must read for fans of stories of teen activistsCW racism assault violence police brutality murderdeath Anger Is A Gift features such a diverse cast of characters to the point where I don't believe I can list them all and I am so down for books with this trait There are gay characters own voices trans characters non binary characters bisexualbiromantic characters asexual characters black characters Latinx characters own voices Muslim characters undocumented characters disabled characters It is so well rounded and so wonderful I will be honest that at times I was confused by the secondary characters because this book follows a HUGE group of friends but at the same time they did have their distinctive traits if the dichotomy of these two contrasting details makes any sense I do wish these side characters did have stronger individual story lines but nonetheless for the size of the cast I do feel they were all authentic and well fleshed out The diverse elements of these characters do not feel shoe horned in at all and I was so pleased with the natural vibe of the storyWhile I loved Mark Oshiro's dialogue characterization and plot construction I do feel there is room to be concise with his writing For a young adult contemporary this is a pretty long book with small text too what the heck and I think many scenes could have been condensed to still hold the same value This book was just a tad long winded at times and I feel editing down it's length would have been an improvementThough the synopsis of Anger Is A Gift depicts some strong content matter it does little to explain the intensity of the story This book is extremely emotionally jarring and describes graphic violence against teens and adults of color I've seen a few reviews claiming This could almost be a dystopian and I concur there were a few moments that were so shocking I almost could not believe them to happen in real life but the sad truth is they do I would advise readers to be aware of the sensitive and serious happenings of this novel but to also recognize that they are indeed the unfortunate true experiences of everyday people I really really loved Anger Is A Gift and would highly highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of The Hate U Give Dear Martin and other novels depicting teens dealing with social justice issues It is a striking and unforgettable debut novel and I cannot wait to see what Mark Oshiro publishes in the future

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DOC â READER Anger Is a Gift FREE ò GOPROLED ¹ [Download] ➼ Anger Is a Gift By Mark Oshiro – Six years ago Moss Jefferies' father was murdered by an Oakland police officer Along with losing a parent the media's vilification of his father and lack of accountability has left Moss with near crip Six y Ar of high school Moss and his fellow classmates find themselves increasingly treated like criminals by their own school New rules Random locker searches Constant intimidation and Oakland Police Department stationed in their halls Despite What an impactful and important book This was so hard to read

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Anger Is a GiftTheir youth the students decide to organize and push back against the administrationWhen tensions hit a fever pitch and tragedy strikes Moss must face a difficult choice give in to fear and hate or realize that anger can actually be a gi Anger Is A Gift tries to hold a mirror up the world to show you its ugliness Racism classism hatefulness and good intentions gone awry are the cornerstones supporting the message that police brutality is real and awful But the mirror is distorted and the message diluted in freuently sloppy writing an unlikeable protagonist and the characters who exist solely to prop him up or draw his fire The diversity of its cast is suandered and while it might try to make you angry at an unjust world one of the most infuriating things is how evident the potential was for this to be an all around good bookThe story centers on Moss a gay black teen haunted by the shooting death of his father six years prior at the hands of the Oakland PD It wasn’t just a case of mistaken identity but mistaken location and trigger happy officers and its effects have lingered Moss is a ball of anger and anxiety and depression and when new school metal detectors seriously injure a student it sets into motion a wave of protest pushback and tragedy as Moss and his friends go up against a corrupt system The book by Mark Oshiro of “Mark Does Stuff” fame has gotten a lot of praise for its diverse cast of characters and it certainly does have that And it is indeed refreshing to see so much representation across gender sexuality and racial lines But they mostly feel like they’re checking boxes Look here are a couple trans characters One’s a lesbian Oh and over there’s the nonbinary kid and the disabled biromantic kid dating an asexual girl How progressive They’re window dressing for Moss there to add color and hold his hand and reassure him that he’s good and pure and righteous The problem is that Moss is horrible He’s a horrible son a horrible friend and he embodies the Angry Black Man trope that you would think a book praised for its diversity would either avoid or subvert but it does neitherOshiro tries to wash it away in Moss’s anxiety and his grief and his’ “broken brain” but all it really seems to do is demonize mental health issues as he makes accusations about his so called best friend that are baseless until she randomly admits that he was right all along gets so enraged he throws a chair at a community meeting and rants rages and runs away whenever he doesn’t get his way But after every outburst there’s always someone falling all over themselves to reassure Moss that everything is always something or someone else’s faultThere’s a misogyny that permeates the pages as well It’s always the women in Moss’s life who have to “learn their lesson” and “just listen and believe” whatever Moss has to say instead of “making everything about themselves” It is so egregious that at one point Moss’s mother a giant among activists sounds like a battered woman constantly apologizing for her faults and begging her abuser to not hate her This is all to say nothing of the friend who has to become a literal punching bag before Moss decides maybe but only maybe she understands his plightAnd it’s all treated as normal and right I would be 100 percent down for this book if while fighting for the people he’s lost Moss realizes how awful he is to the people he still has but Moss gets no character growth The closest thing that counts is the realization that some things are worth fighting for but even that is only after loss touches him againThere are very few positive things to say about this book as it sits Sometimes the writing isn’t bad and it tries to tell an important message about police brutality and racism and marginalized communities that have no hope but it gets lost in paper villains like the nameless faceless police force with high tech weaponry and the shadowy Principal Elliot who is never than a voice over a loudspeaker It loses itself as allies become antagonists to the point where the only clear message is “Police and white people bad everyone else good”And look I didn’t come into this book expecting or wanting white saviors They’re not needed We NEED books like what Anger Is A Gift could have been Instead we got this It certainly makes me angry but if it’s a gift it’s one I’m than ready to return