CHARACTERS ☆ LANTERNE ROUGE ¶ [Ebook] ➧ LANTERNE ROUGE By By Max Leonard – Lanterne Rouge Lanterne Rouge.Lant. Max Leonard has come up with a fun way to approach the history of the tour using the experience of the Latter Rouge the last man in the gc to discuss the evolution in the style of racing the rules of the road and the experiences of the riders during and after the race I have read many books about professional cycling generally and about the tour in particular but there was material here about experiments in scoring rules and some of the personalities in the early days of the tour that I had never seen before And the portraits of some of the racers were deft and sympatheticThis is offset by some clunky prose and by Leonard’s repeated insertion of himself into the text Perhaps he had a minimum page count and could not hit it otherwise but there’s very little of interest in Leonard’s trying to sneak an early morning ride up a road that’s closed to cyclists or in his sitting in a cafe for hours waiting for a cyclist to arriveI don’t regret having read the book but I’m not planning to recommend it to others

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Erne. As I posted on Goodreads Good read for a francophile a cyclist The premise is to survey the history and story of the last man to cross the line for the Tour de France An Englishman the author visit those with good stories and reveals tying it into his wannabe stage ride and extensive research Well written the story never flagsThe book could have benefited with a map of France as the non TdF reader might not know all the regions and climbs of this race


LANTERNE ROUGERou. I have been an uninformed follower of Le Tour for many years and recent years have taken the shine off Not just doping but technology; I miss the excitement of chasers not knowing as they now do how far the breakaway was the leader riding close to the crowd to conceal himself So this book was in part a splendid evocation of the Tour in earlier though not necessarily innocent daysOne minor issue being new to kindle it was only when I completed reading that I saw the illustrations at the endMany tales humerous and thoughtful and a penetrative analysis about various attitudes to La Lanterne