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Laced With Poison (Sweet Nothings Book 2) review ð 104 ò [Reading] ➶ Laced With Poison (Sweet Nothings Book 2) Author Meg London – Youre invited to the Sweet Nothings trunk show See what the shop has to offer taste some wonderful food catch up with friends and solve a murderEmma Taylor is happy to bSt a small fortune Hoping to hoist up their sagging profits Laced With MOBI #198 Arabella arranges to have a trunk show at the home of a local socialite who will invite all of her friends and take care of the catering All Emma and Arabella have to do is show up and show off their wares Seems sim. Laced With Poison is the second novel in the Sweet Nothings Lingerie series and this was a very enjoyable mystery for me Things are starting to look up for Emma Taylor when Sweet Nothings is scheduled to present a trunk lingerie show at Deirdre Porter's house which could open up opportunities for the store During the festivities a prominent guest Jessica Scott is killed after eating a delicious cupcake that was brought to help cater the event Now Emma must use her sleuthing skills to help clear her friend's name or her cupcake business will be destroyed because of the accusationsI'm happy to say that this book was a fast paced mystery with a uirky cast of characters and the right amount of suspense that is bound to entertain any mystery lover I really enjoyed learning about Emma and her aunt Arabella who each have love interests in this story But my favorite character has to be the snarky yet lovable Sylvia Brodsky who has spunk than any other character that I have seen before The mystery was intriguing and well written and I had a difficult time figuring out the murderer until their identity was revealed at the very end I think that this is a great series and I can't wait to read the next one in the Sweet Nothings series

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Youre invited to the Sweet Nothings trunk show See what the shop has to offer taste some wonderful food catch up with friends and solve a murderEmma Taylor is happy to be drawing in customers at her aunt Arabellas lingerie shop Sweet Nothings but replacing the stores broken window is going to co. Sweet Nothings is the inspired named lingerie shop owned by Arabella and her niece Emma Taylor in Paris Texas Sales are a bit slow and since the window advertising must be kept tasteful and reflect the modesty of the community Emma is at a lost as to how to garner new customers Aunt Arabella comes up with a brilliant plangive a trunk showThe ladies find a willing host for their show and are happy to learn their friends are catering both the food and desserts for the event There is even a special 'touch' to the exuisite cupcakes an edible flower that is provided by Emma's childhood friend LizAll is successful until one guest falls dead from eating something that doesn't agree with heractually no one would agree with it It is murder and now Emma must prove that her friend didn't plan itEmma enters the world of Senior Living and finds not all is cheery and smooth There are thefts attempted killings and many mysteries for Emma to solveall in the world of the victimThis book was a cozy read and I must admit that I did solve it early on I enjoyed the story line and other sub stories that wove through the tale Perhaps the author and I have the same thought process The writing is well done and pleasant I love the setting and characters drawn The dialog is snappy and cohesive It was a nice cozy murder mystery

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Laced With Poison Sweet Nothings Book 2Ple enoughA gorgeous spread is prepared for the event including delicious cupcakes topped with edible flowers But after one of the partygoers takes a bite and winds up dead the guest list becomes a suspect list Now Emma must separate facts from idle gossip before the killer gives the cops the sl. Liked the book until the end Maybe I should switch genres because so many of these cozy mysteries have become disappointing In this book someone is poisoned with foxglove placed on a cupcake at a lingerie truck party There were many suspects in the beginning and the main character Emma is slowly ruling them out one by one However when she finally figures out who the murderer is she does something that a 12 year old would not have done She finds out the murderer is at her aunt's home and goes there Then she accepts sweet tea and cake from the murderer because she is parched and hungry The last murder victim was poisoned and she is accepting food and drink from the person she knows poisoned the victim Really Needless to say after that point everything was easy to predict and uninspiring like it was a uick wrap up and no one would notice that it was lacking in thought