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Free eBook ´ ePub The Content Fuel Framework ç How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas ã Melanie Deziel ´ [Ebook] ➩ The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas (For Marketers and Creators) Author Melanie Deziel – Goproled.coIty by systematizing it This simple framework catalyzes the brainstorming process making idea generation effortless and nearly automatic Nowriter's block Noasking what should I post? Nowaiting for that big idea to show up in its own time This system allows storytellers from any industry to produce fresh story ideas on demand any time Never before have we consumed as much content in as many forms and in as many pla 3️⃣ Takeaways1 Content Focus the message Format the medium the content is delivered through2 Always start with the focus or message of the content And then figure out the best format to convey that message3 There are only so many different ways to create content The understanding you have around the possibilities the easier it will be for you to create content2️⃣ uotes1 When we start with a format instead of a focus we are assuming that how we say something is important than what we say And that is simply not true2 The purpose of the Content Fuel Framework is to create a system for thinking about content ideas so that we can train our brains to think bigger and explore possibilities giving us diversity to choose from when moving from idea to action1️⃣ uestion1 How can you put emphasis on the focusmessage of your content and not get so caught up in the format?

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Ces as we do now This means marketers creators and anyone who communicates with an audience is underpressure than ever to deliver uniue content consistently How can you fill all those web pages social feeds blogs and newsletters every single day? The Content Fuel Framework will challenge you and enable you to tell stories in entirely new ways It's an adaptable and evergreen guide you'll come back to again and agai This is the ultimate resource to go back to again and again to ignite those brainstorm sessions shake you out of your contenting funk and light a fire under the creativity that lies within Mel taps her journalism marketing and leadership backgrounds to present top tier advice frameworks examples and to elevate your storytelling the minute you finish this fantastic book

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The Content Fuel Framework How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas For Marketers and CreatorsMarketers struggling to create engaging content will have a savior in The Content Fuel Framework The FocusFormat approach is a simple yet highly effective way to inspire numerous rich ideas to rescue any content marketing program Lee Odden CEO and Co Founder of TopRank Marketing In The Content Fuel Framework trained journalist and award winning content marketer Melanie Deziel shows you how to maximize your creativ I’m so happy this book exists It’s particularly actionable and distinct from other marketing books available due to its streamlined focus on how to generate impactful story ideas which is a problem many of us have experienced first hand I envision freelancers writers business owners marketers PR folks and communications professionals using the book as an ongoing resource on how to develop a long list of topic ideas to suit their needs What I found most useful was the framework Melanie presented as the primary focus of the book as it demystifies the process of coming up with a relevant story and makes it easy for anyone to get creative about what themes would likely resonate with their customers This is a solid addition to your 2020 reading list