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The Contract Summary ¶ 8 Ë ❰Reading❯ ➾ The Contract Author Melanie Moreland – A tyrant by day a playboy by night That is the reputation that precedes Richard VanRyan He lives life the way he wants no concern for the opinion of others He cares for no one is completely unrepentan A tyrant by day a playboy by night TEstionable ethics but endures all the garbage he sends her way because she needs the job Her end goal is far important than the daily abuse and demands she tolerates from her nasty tyrant of a bossUntil the day he asks her for something she never expected A new role with a personal contract fiancée instead of P. Holy frack I can't stop puking butterfliesThere was cheese people there's no denying it So much cheese than even Mickey Mouse suffers from stomach ache And clichés it felt like watching The Proposal with a role reversal But you know what I love the Proposal ogling Ryan Reynolds' butt has nothing to do with it and I love cheese “A tyrant at work and a playboy after hours” Katy's boss is horrible He's one of those bosses you want to strangle in their sleep dance around their corpse and feed their body parts to carnivorous animals And he needs her help You see Richard VanRyan wants this job really bad but his reputation precedes him and the only way to convince his future employer that he's changed is to pretend to be engaged to a down to earth sweet and warm girl and the only candidate is Katy his PA And he hates her guts The feelings are mutual but Katy is desperate for the money and reluctantly agrees to move in with him and play the dutiful betrothed part until emotions come to surface that perplex an already perplexed situation Sounds fun right “I grabbed my coat and opened the door for her knowing my life was about to change in ways I never planned I only hoped it would be worth it” I'm a sucker for the enemies that fall in love theme and Melanie Moreland executed it perfectly The tension and the slowly burning romance turned my insides into goo and I loved the way my heart constantly fluttered I was lost in their touches and their kisses I smiled with their bickerings and sass and I ended up staring at my purple walls day dreaming and ignoring the fact that I'm going to die aloneRichard was ubber delicious Bossy isolated cold and let's be honest a huge asshole that didn't care about anyone besides himself driven by his selfish motives and always eager to insult he didn't seem like the guy that could fall in love or fight for the woman he loved But he did His developement was heartwarming the moments he showed that there was kindness in him were eually sexy with his jerkish moments plus sweet Katy was the one to find that he actually had a soul and she helped it come to light She was a delicate heroine kind and compassionate and you wanted to hug and comfort her You could easily relate to her and understand her insecurities and fears and you would trade your place with hers in a heartbeat if it meant that you'd get to kiss Richard Personally I'd devour himThe Contract wasn't an original story but it was an enjoyable one and I do recommend it if you're in the mood for a book that resembles the typical chick flick movies you so adamantly claim you don't watch but we both know you're lying

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A tyrant by day a playboy by night That is the reputation that precedes Richard VanRyan He lives life the way he wants no concern for the opinion of others He cares for no one is completely unrepentant and he has no desire to change his waysKatharine Elliott works under Richard as his PA She despises him and his u. ➦This book here has all kinds of tropes in it but the marriage of convenience trope is the one that caught my attention Because ME LIKE I might or might not have a bit of a ladyboner for such a trope ➦I do admit that gif is a bit creepy Moving on So then I find out this also has a bit of a enemies to lovers woven into it with an asshole lawyer on the side for dessert And then I immediately start sympathizing with the heroine because she seriously deserves a medal for putting up with this douchebag lol➦And I do love a good douchebag But it has to be done right This guy here a hot shot lawyer has an assistant who is PEEEERFECT and instead of being nice to her he does anything in his power to make her life hell ➦So yeah the heroine may appear as a total doormat from the first glance but then we start peeling off layers and finding out why she puts up with him What kind of a situation would make a person stick around working for THAT ➦Let me get to the point already Richard our hero doesn't make partner at his firm and immediately seeks other employment at which point an opportunity arises to work for another company Teeny problem though The boss there is less than impressed with Richard's reputation and sexual escapades and is probably not going to hire him ➦BUT NOT TO WORRY Richard has a plan ➦Anyways people you see where I'm going with this right➦Well I loved the book and I decided it deserved a good review debatable from me But you get what you get and you don't get upset that's what they teach my kids in pre school➦What I enjoyed the most was the transition from enemies to friends and from friends to lovers The way Richard falls in love with his wife is pretty amazing to read about And steamy scenes were steamy I loved the character development and this book did make me cry some parts were pretty emotional ➦Recommended for anyone who likes marriage of convenienceenemies to lovers tropes with redeemable heroesPS When I showed the teaser to Arianna she immediately started saying how hot Adam Cowie is Like she knew his name off the top of her head Because she's a stalker and probably keeps a book with all the names of these celebritiesmodels

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The ContractAWhat happens when two people who loathe each other have to live together and act as though they are madly in loveSparksThat’s what happensCan the power of love really change a personWill they survive the contractWhat do you do when the one person you hate the most becomes the one person you can’t live without. 4 starsReview at Of Pens and Pages The Contract had everything I wanted in a story—hate to love marriage of convenience slow burn There’s genuine dislike between our a hole hero and strong and resilient heroine and it was such a pleasure to read the gradual change in their relationship as they played houseRichard VanRyan is sick of getting screwed over by his boss and the only other major ad agency in Victoria is his current company’s competitor Richard wants to jump ship but the competitor has heard of his tyranny and playboy ways and isn’t impressed He’s going to have to convince them he’s a changed man if he wants a chance to work for them His only hope His PA Katharine Elliott The thing is he isn’t exactly nice to her Like at all And he doesn’t like her He thinks she's too meek too plain too clumsy too much of a doormat But she’s perfect for the role in his scheme and he knows it Now he’s going to have to beg her to help him and he’ll do whatever it takes to make it workIn the beginning of the story Richard deserved the nickname people often called people who are named Richard usually have if you get my drift I swear Katy had the patience of a saint He treated her like crap but she held on because she wanted to keep her aunt Penny in the private home As their relationship progressed he became human empathic to others and definitely protective over Katy and eventually aunt PennyKaty started out as this total doormat who wouldn’t fight back when Richard treated her like crap but when they start their arrangement where Richard needs her than she needs him she becomes upfront and does not tolerate it when he’s being mean to her Honestly I wanted to punch Richard in the eye I loved it when she put him in his place I lived for it Go Katy Be careful Richard or I’ll take you with me to the shelter and have you neutered” I loved the progress of their relationship Richard’s transition from d bag to a man in love and Katy’s strength throughout the story The banter chemistry the little moments when we can see things are changing between them Ahhhh Why do you love Katy”“Because she makes me look at the world in a different way She grounds me She makes life brighter She showed me what real love meant” I loved the book but I have to admit some parts in the second half were a little cheesy for my taste I’ll be honest and say I skimmed some paragraphs Still I really enjoyed this bookIf you’re a fan of marriage of conveniencefake relationship stories with a hole heroes and lovable heroines you’ll love The ContractTropes Hate to Love Fake Engagement Marriage of Convenience Boss EmployeePOV First Person Dual POVStandalone Yes ARC received in exchange for an honest review Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram