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The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame: Medievalism and the Monsters of Modernity review × eBook or Kindle ePUB ð [Epub] ➝ The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame: Medievalism and the Monsters of Modernity By Michael Camille – Most of the seven million people who visit the cAtely locates the gargoyles place in the twentieth century imagination exploring interpretations by everyone from Winslow Homer to the Walt Disney CompanyLavishly illustrated with than three hundred images of its monumental yet whimsical subjects The Gargoyles of Notre Dame is a must read for historians of art and architecture The Gargoyles of Notre Dame Medievalism eBook #238 and anyone whose The Gargoyles of Notre Dame Medievalism eBook #238 imagination has been sparked by the lovable monsters gazing out over Paris from one of the worlds most renowned vantage point. I could never in a million years have hoped for a better book on the Notre Dame gargoylesThis author knows and conveys in a very engaging manner an unbelievable amount of interesting information about them He talks about what they very probably meant to people at the time they were made what they appeared to mean to people in the years since and what they seem to mean to people now It was fascinating how people's perception of them has changed profoundly over the yearsIt was interesting to learn how very suddenly they captivated people even before the official unveiling Artists were allowed up to draw them before the unveiling and one print became very popular immediatelyHe also provides a wealth of fascinating information about the circumstances under which they were made They were largely the vision of one artist who told people he was designing them to look medieval but would have known very well that in fact they don't look like any medieval carvings Instead the author explains they look like a romanticized 19th century idea of what medieval carvings might have looked likeOnce long before reading this book I was disappointed to learn that the best known gargoyles of Notre Dame were not originals and that no one knows what the 13th century originals looked like The 13th century originals were thoroughly worn stumps and in some cases gone completely before anyone bothered to record them But after reading this book I see that it doesn't matter The originals whatever they looked like were certainly not anywhere near as good These gargoyles from the 1850's restoration were designed by an excellent artist and carved by a brilliant sculptor The reason they so captured people's imaginations while the originals apparently did not are because they are that much betterIt was also interesting and a bit sad to learn that the replacements going up since around 2000 because the famous 1850's replacements are now very badly worn and not repairable are not being carved in the same spirit Where many of the 1850's gargoyles looked like they were screaming in horror the new ones look cutesy or as the author puts it Disneyfied But the author makes a very interesting point about that where people were at least a bit frightened of the 1850's gargoyles when they were made now they are seen as loveable But what could be terrifying to a Frenchman than the Disneyfication of Notre Dame In other words the cutesy replacement gargoyles going up now are in their own way just as terrifying as the old ones Even so I'm not persuaded that was on purpose I suspect the reason they're cutesy is because the people now in charge like them cutesyIf you are at all interested in these gargoyles I highly recommend this bookSadly shortly after completing this book the author was diagnosed with a brain tumor and soon died at age 44

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Most of the seven million people Gargoyles of eBook #9734 who visit the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris each year probably do not realize that the legendary gargoyles adorning this medieval masterpiece were not constructed until the nineteenth century The first comprehensive history of these world famous monsters The Gargoyles of Notre Dame argues that they transformed the iconic thirteenth century cathedral into a modern monument Michael Camille begins his long awaited study by recounting The PDFEPUBarchitect Eugne Viollet le Ducs ambitious restoration of the struc. great

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The Gargoyles of Notre Dame Medievalism and the Monsters of ModernityTure from to when the gargoyles were designed sculpted by the little known Victor Pyanet and installed These gargoyles Camille contends were not mere avatars of the Middle Ages but rather fresh creationssymbolizing an imagined pastwhose modernity lay precisely in their nostalgia He goes on to map the critical reception and many layered afterlives of these chimeras notably in the works of The Gargoyles of PDF #197 such artists and writers as Charles Mryon Victor Hugo and photographer Henri Le Sec Tracing their eventual evolution into icons of high kitsch Camille ultim. The book is a bit difficult to find and therefore I was happy to get it The condition of the book was correctly described It took a rather long time to reach me and the explanation why it was so was a bit strange But all is well that ends well