SUMMARY Ö Bliss Bound: Bliss Series Books 1 & 2 boxed set (The Bliss Series)

CHARACTERS Bliss Bound: Bliss Series Books 1 & 2 boxed set (The Bliss Series)

SUMMARY Ö Bliss Bound: Bliss Series Books 1 & 2 boxed set (The Bliss Series) º ❮Reading❯ ➽ Bliss Bound: Bliss Series Books 1 & 2 boxed set (The Bliss Series) Author Michelle Jo uinn – BLISS BOUND includesPLANNING BLISS Previously Published as CONFESSIONS OF A WEDDNer Veronica Soto Stewart After a crazy and rocky start Levi knows they can withstand anything as long as he keeps his past buried Bound Bliss Series Books 1 Epubdeep But when Levi and Veronica travel overseas to meet his ailing grandmother Levi's past comes barreling forth nearly suffocating both of them Now it's time for Levi to open up to the one woman he can't bear to lose But will Veronica agree to for better or worse once the Laurent secrets are revealedPLUS BONUSA MOMENT OF BLISSSANTA BEB Holiday Specia. Sweet and funny all wrapped into these romance books This bundle will definitely give you that happy feeling It's entertaining and very enjoyable The author did a great job making the storyline She added just enough humor to the sweet romance that makes the books so much than your typical love story Not only did she do a great job on the storyline itself but she made you fall in love with the characters as well They had great chemistry and personalities that you can relate to These are my first books that I have read from this author and I look forward to reading If your looking for good romance stories then I would definitely recommend this bundle I voluntarily reviewed a Copy of this book

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BLISS Bliss Series Books 1 PDFEPUB or BOUND includesPLANNING BLISS Previously Published Bliss Series Kindle #215 as CONFESSIONS OF A WEDDING PLANNERHe may be the best man But hes the worst man for herWedding planner Veronica Soto Stewart believes everyone deserves a fairy tale weddingeven her ex boyfriend and his new fiance Unable to refuse his reuest she finds herself creating the most magical event for Bliss Bound Epubthe perfect couple But nothing is ever perfect Especially when Levi Laurent the best man is. My first review for Michelle Jo uinn and I really enjoyed reading her book Bliss Bound This story follows Nica and Levi Nica is asked to plan a wedding for her ex And she still has feelings for him ☹️ But she can't say no She is thrown into the uncomfortable situation of seeing her ex with his new fianc all while dealing with his cocky best friend Levi This story is emotionally filled with a great love story passion and self discovery


Bliss Bound Bliss Series Books 1 & 2 boxed set The Bliss SeriesDoing everything to get into her pants Veronica Bound Bliss Series Books 1 Epubwants nothing to do with the rich sexy irresistible playboy Can Levi convince Veronica that her own fairy tale is closer than she thinks and not all happily ever afters can be plannedPROPOSING Bound Bliss Series eBook #10003 BLISS Previously Published as THE BACHELORS PERFECT PROPOSALAll he wants is a perfect proposalBut all she wants is the truthThe sexy and former playboy Levi Laurent is ready to marry sweet romantic wedding plan. I was reading one of the Bliss Series stories in another book of love stories I was so proud impressed that I just had to buy this Certainly not disappointed