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Security+ Practice Tests kindle · eBook 501 Exam with CertMike ✓ [Read] ➫ Security+ Practice Tests: Prepare for the SY0-501 Exam with CertMike Author Mike Chapple – The most complete set of SY0 501 Security practice test uestions availableThe CertMike SecurityⓇ Practice Tests provide yoEach correct answer You’ll find an entire chapter of uestions dedicated to each of the six SecurityⓇ exam objectivesThreats Attacks and VulnerabilitiesTechnologies and ToolsArchitecture and DesignIdentity and Access ManagementRisk ManagementCryptography and PKIThe book concludes with two full length Security practice exams designed to prepare you for exam dayReaders of this book also become part of the CertMikecom exam preparation community including free access to the Ce Great examples for exam prep

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RtMike Security Study GroupAbout the AuthorMike Chapple PhD Security CISSP CySA PenTest CISM is one of the world’s leading experts on cybersecurity certifications He’s the author of over 25 books covering a variety of cybersecurity exams and has created over 40 video courses on LinkedIn Learning and Lyndacom that prepare technology professionals for popular security certifications Mike also runs the CertMikecom website which offers free study groups for major certification Really poor print ualityAwful job by

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Security+ Practice Tests Prepare for the SY0 501 Exam with CertMikeThe most complete set of SY0 501 Security practice test uestions availableThe CertMike SecurityⓇ Practice Tests provide you a rigorous set of over 750 practice test uestions designed to be similar to those that you’ll face on the actual exam Inside the book you’ll find over 750 practice test uestions that assess your knowledge of the material covered by the current SY0 501 exam Each uestion includes a detailed explanation to help you understand the thought process behind I'll start by saying I'm an IT professional of 20 years holding multiple certifications Due to COVID 19 I was recently laid off so I decided it was a good time to update my IT skills Security has always fascinated me so I began my educational journey by completing the CompTIA Security training on LyndacomMike Chapple the instructor indicates there are no prereuisites reuired and upon completing the course and easily passing the included tests I felt confident I could also pass the CompTIA examThen I bought this book Right from the start I was having trouble answering the uestions averaging about 50% correct I was astonished by the sheer amount of information and acronyms I had never seen before I don't know if these uestions were designed to be overly difficult or if this is a true representation of the CompTIA examAlso adding to the difficulty of some of the uestions is the inability to zoom in on the provided diagrams clearly This is a problem on both PC and mobile devices Not being able to see the diagrams makes these uestions near impossible to answerAfter 3 weeks of study I've finally reached chapter 6 of the book Cryptography and PKI Now sadly I'm dealing with a new issue The answer key does not correspond with the chapter uestions making it very difficult to confirm if you are right or wrong Its as if the publisher has deliberately included a transposition cipher as part of the book just to test youI guess the only way to tell if this book has been a success or not will be to go take the exam As far as the content is concerned I would recommend this book I only wish care and attention had been put into its composition