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American Photography doc á reader Free Û Miles Orvell Ì ❮Reading❯ ➸ American Photography (Oxford History of Art) Author Miles Orvell – This lively new survey offers fresh insights into 150 years of American photography placing it in its cultural context for the first tThis lively new survey offers fresh insights into 150 years of American photography placing it in its cultural context for the first time Orvell examinines this fascinating subject through portraiture and landscape photography eamily albums and memory an Un livre d'un peu plus de 200 pages et 10 chapitres en anglaisChaue chapitre traite un aspect ou thème de la photographie aux Etats Unis ou faite par des photographes américains Les thèmes traités sont illustrés par une ou deux photographies de uelues photographes américansIl ne cite pas l'ensemble des photographes américains et beaucoup de noms connus manuent à l'appel et il y a encore beaucoup à dire Mais bon ce n'est pas une encyclopédie Malgré cela c'est un livre intéressant et agréable à lire permettant d'avoir une vue d'ensemble Un bon livre pour commencer

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D analyses the particularly 'American' way in which American photographers have viewed the world around them Combining a clear overview of the changing nature of photographic thinking and practice in this period with an exploration of key concepts the re LOVE IT

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American Photography Oxford History of ArtSult is the first coherent history of American photography which examines issues such as the nature of photographic exploitation experimental techniues the power of the photograph to shock and whether we should subscribe to the notion of a visual history I wish I hadn't purchased this It is a photography version of what a friend of mine used to call suicide music so dark and depressing that it makes you want to kill yourself The photographers and the images selected come from a strain of American culture that is nihilistic and self loathing Robert Frank's work although certainly very influential and uite interesting in terms of composition focus on ordinary life etc is of this strain My problem with it is perhaps exemplified by the person of Jack Kerouac who wrote the text for Frank's The Americans Kerouac drank himself to death at the age of 47 I am not sure that someone whose life is lived like that has an understanding or a view of life that can inform me or that I need to study and that is how I feel about most of the photographers who are focused on in this book Joel Peter Witkins' photographs of a severed autopsied head split in two the two sides facing each other? Really? I don't think anyone reads Kerouac any and I don't think that many of the 20th century photographers focused on here have worn well over even a short period of time Looking at their pictures makes me less of a human being and darkens my view of human possibility There are many other American photographers and photographs that are given short shrift here and whose view of life would have balanced the emotional and psychological emptiness of this bookA final note and a fellow reader's concurring review The copy I had was a used copy that had been owned by a student in a course The book had obviously been dutifully read because it was highlighted throughout On one page the student had written in pencil his or her own review I hate this sht I know how she or he felt