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review Modern Aramaic-English/English-Modern Aramaic Dictionary & Phrasebook: Assyrian/Syriac

Modern Aramaic-English/English-Modern Aramaic Dictionary & Phrasebook: Assyrian/Syriac review × 3 ¾ [Download] ➺ Modern Aramaic-English/English-Modern Aramaic Dictionary & Phrasebook: Assyrian/Syriac By Nicholas Awde – Aramaic is now recognised throughout tTurkey It is also heard in Assyrian emigre communities of the US Europe and Australia Modern Aramaic or Assyrian is made up of a number of dialects The two major ones are Swadaya Eastern and Modern Aramaic EnglishEnglish Modern eBook #8608 Turoyo Western This. brilliant

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Uniue dictionary and phrasebook incorporates both dialects in a way that illustrates the differences and gives the reader a complete understanding of both The dialects are presented in an easy to read romanised form that will help the reader to be understood. I am an American trying to learn modern Assyrian I bought the Turoyo Aramaic translation of 'Alice's adventures in Wonderland' which was translated very recently to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the book To my disappointment I couldn't locate even the first three words of the book in this dictionary in the Turoyo dialect This dictionary is only a couple hundred pages AND the dictionary part of it is only about half of the book and on top of that the dictionary is obviously divided into the Swadaya and Turoyo dialect making it impossible to include most of the words in modern AssyrianAramaic Therefore this is of a travel guide Say you have a boyfriendgirlfriend who's Assyrian and you want to impress hisher parents with speaking their language or say you're travelling to the Levant and will encounter some Aramaic speakers or perhaps you go to a grocery store in the Levant where the workers speak Neo Aramaic then this is for you It is NOT for language learners trying to actually adopt and speak the language as a conversational vernacular Also I really didn't like the syllabification system because there absolutely is none You have no clue whether a letter ends or begins a syllable when they are ambiguous So to conclude this book is a great work as a travel guide or to assist with understanding and speaking to natives on a basic level for occasional situations you may run into no than a few times in your lifeComparing a phrasebooktravel guide to a full dictionary is comparing apples to oranges but still when customers type in 'Aramaic dictionary' and see this one they have no idea it's so vague and unfulfilling They like me probably assume it's a full dictionary with at least most Assyrian words Again it's not even close and I could not eve locate the first 3 words of 'Alis bu Celmo dac Cojube w dat Tantelat' or the Turoyo Aramaic version of 'Alice's adventures in Wonderland'On the other hand I have heard that Robert Payne Smith's Aramaic dictionary rarely has words that cannot be found if you wish to learn Syriac Turoyo dialect then you must get something comprehensive like that As for Swadaya I don't think there are even any Swadaya dictionaries available at least on

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Modern Aramaic English English Modern Aramaic Dictionary & Phrasebook Assyrian SyriacAramaic is now Aramaic Dictionary PDFEPUB #182 recognised throughout the world as the language spoken by Christ and the Apostles Contrary to popular belief however it is very much a 'living' language spoken today by the Assyrian peoples in Iran Ira Syria and. This book is a very nice way how to learn different Assyrian or Aramaic words It has a dictionary and some special chapters for topics like shopping greetings or food