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DOWNLOAD Memories of Muhammad: Why the Prophet Matters 107 ↠ ❮Ebook❯ ➬ Memories of Muhammad: Why the Prophet Matters ➭ Author – In Memories of Muhammad Why the Prophet Matters leading Islamic scholar Omid Safi presents a portrait of Muhammad that reveals his centraliIn Memories of Muhammad Why of Muhammad eBook #180 the Prophet Matters leading Islamic scholar Omid Safi presents a portrait of Muhammad that reveals his centrality i. I have taken on faith for a long time that Islam is a God given religion but I have struggled to reconcile that belief with the harsh verses of the ur’an the minutia covered by the hadith and the violence in the early history of Islam The modern biographies of the Prophet Muhammad that I read effectively conveyed His honorable behavior in difficult times and the cultural differences between that society and ours but they didn’t engender an emotional connection with Him My Muslim acuaintances insist that Muhammad was “just a man like any other” and that the ur’an is the entire focus of their spiritual life the Book serving the same role as Jesus for Christians I have been told I honestly couldn’t understand the emotional draw of the religionDr Safi’s “Memories of Muhammad” reveals an entirely different side of Islam documenting how Muslims over the centuries have viewed and venerated Muhammad in stark contrast to the puritanical version of Islam in vogue today Rather than functioning as a spiritual “UPS man” whose role was merely to drop off the ur’an Muhammad himself was considered to be central to the revelation Divine guidance came not only through the ur’an but through Muhammad whom A’isha referred to as “the walking ur’an”; His heart was the channel through which the ur’an entered the world In His lifetime Muhammad acted as a gate through which flowed the tidings of Heaven and the mercy of God But than that the Prophet was the model of the perfected and completed human being who brought together all of the divine ualities and attributes Muhammad was the perfect mirror through which the divine ualities were reflected onto this terrestrial realm An example of this perspective is seen in the words of a awwali song O Muhammad Embodied Light My Beloved My Master You are The image of the perfection of love The illumination of God’s beauty Indeed divine self revelation came through the Prophet; Muhammad bore the cosmic responsibility of being God’s representative on Earth Muslim mystics have even asserted that the Light of Muhammad was the first thing that God created The primordial manifestation of the Light of Muhammad was then embodied in every Prophet from Adam to Muhammad himself Why hide these views in interfaith dialog Even if they are not shared by Christians they would be instantly understandableThis book taught me that with the passing of time the poets and scholars of Islam built on elaborated and found core truths in the ur’an that anyone who loves God can recognize as beautiful Muslim mystics developed the understanding that “God is One Reality is One Humanity is One Guidance is One Existence is One” Humanity is like members of one body; All races classes genders and ethnicities are eual Establishing this euality in our societal structures however cannot be achieved in isolation It is futile to attempt to better the condition of humanity without first tending to the spiritual process of awakening This awakening reuires individuals to take responsibility for their spiritual lives The ur’an condemns those who blindly and unuestioningly follow the ways of their forefathers The purpose of our lives is to know God and to mirror God’s attributes and divine ualities in this realm Indeed Muhammad compared his followers to stars that light up the spiritual night God also desires an intimate relationship with us The awe inspiring majestic uality of God jalal is complemented by God’s intimate tenderness jamal in his encounter with us The heart is the earthly throne of God the Lord of all worlds Those who wholeheartedly submit their lives to God who become intoxicated with the “wine” of His love are not distracted by earthly riches the promise of Paradise or the threat of hellfire No matter what circumstances God tests them with whether fortune or misfortune they trust in Him In particular reading the account of Muhammad’s ascension and the poetry and devotion it has inspired finally showed me why this faith is so lovedAnother reason I loved this book is because it reveals so clearly the soil from which my own Faith sprang In addition to the high station of the Prophet and the relationship between God and man described above I found other teachings to be strikingly familiarfor instance the idea that God has guided humanity through sending prophets and messengers like Abraham Moses and Jesus throughout our history Contemplating the words of the ur’an led Muslims to understand that the same message was given to all the prophets so all the prophetic traditions are one and all come from the One God Since all the Prophets bring the same divine message we should not differentiate between them or favor one over another At least in the Sunni tradition it is believed that the spiritual state of the cosmos gradually devolves with the passage of time after each period of revelation Muhammad came to refresh humanity’s memory of the sovereignty of God The Prophet spoke to the people at the level of their understanding and His teachings progressed as his followers were able to understand complex concepts The way Muhammad’s revelation overturned errant practices is symbolically linked with the overturning of the Earth on the Day of Judgment It is a small step from these insights to the concept of progressive revelationThis book is a tremendous gift to those with no other window into the heart of Islam However as an outsider I cannot put these views into the larger context of Islam today Dr Safi says forthrightly that he is from a Shiite background although he presents Sunni views in a positive light as well He also mentions that he is drawn to Sufism Would the insights he shares be recognizable to Muslims around the world Only to Persian Muslims Are they mainly historical I hope not In any case it is a beautiful heritage If I could make this book assigned reading for all Americans I would It would go a long way towards eliminating the prejudice against Islam You might want to buy an extra copy to share with neighbors who need it

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Holy wars the role of women the significance of Jerusalem tensions with Jews and Christians wahabbi Islam and the role of cyberspace in the evolution of the religion. This book changed my views about the beloved prophet who has been misunderstood by his own followers and others Love it ô 7 DOWNLOAD

Memories of Muhammad Why the Prophet MattersN the devotions of modern Muslims around the world This religious biography offers new insights into Islam covering such hot button issues such as the spread of Islam. Interesting