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Read ´ The Guru In Blue Jeans É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ The Guru In Blue Jeans Author P.B. Kolleri – 5 Star Reviews“A Must Read” By Le Reveur Verified PurchaseAn amazing book Was pleasantly surprised by the rich contentStar Reviews“A Must Read” By Le Reveur In Blue PDF #206 Verified PurchaseAn amazing book Was pleasantly surprised by the rich content It has The Guru PDF or an easy to read writing style Takes you to places that will coerce you to thinkTruly inspiring stuff My congratulations to the Guru In Blue MOBI #244 author Looking forward to from her H Weiss MD wroteSpectacular and StunningI was not fooled by the author’s bluff and humorous writing style – As a psychiatrist I can tell you that there is content here that can blow the lid off misunderstandings that cloud the human mind After reading a lot of law of attraction books with half the knowledge this book brings a complete understanding of who we really are and leaves no doubt that it is indeed written by an outstanding and evolved mind I wouldn’t be surprised if Kolleri goes down in history as one of our greatest philosophersSpartan Blogger wrote in his review“Surprisingly engaging”I was 'Window' shopping on and came across this title Wasn't expecting much from a title but I am delighted to admit that I was wrong This is a very engaging and absorbing book Definitely worth way than th.

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Ad the privilege of growing up amidst varied cultures European Arabian and Asian This gave her a world view that knew no borders when it came to world thought along with a sense of humor that crosses severalWidely read her love for reading and writing sprang from a deep love and respect for the written word The sheer pleasure of imbibing a wide range of genres from humor to philosophy and of course mystery over a period of three decades have finally taken their toll This eclectic mix reflects in her work as an author All her books are easy to read and have a finely tuned sense of humor to bootThree of her books have been published and are available on Kindle The third one 'Murder at Rutherford Hall' she threatens is just the beginning of a series of entertaining whodunits set in 's 's EnglandWhile she counts writing as one of her primary passions she claims she is just a part time author and a full on Mom to her daughter and two dogs The fact that she also happens to have a dynamic corporate career spanning over seventeen years is just one of those things she figures she enjoys doing for a livingThe Book is approximately pages in print format wor.

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The Guru In Blue JeansRee bucks was the promotional offer priceBook DescriptionThe Guru in blue jeans is about ordinary people who embark on the greatest journey one can take walking the spiritual path Join Harry Linda and Shiv on their enchanting journey where many wonders unfold in the strangest ways While experiences on this mesmerizing journey remain distinctly individual there is a golden thread that unites all those who walk this path This book is like a fabric made of these golden threads A fabric woven with the wealth of the masters and patterned with ancient wisdom which shines on for all who walk on this elusive golden path This book is also for you if you have strayed for a while into the dark woods on either side and are searching and stumbling to find your way back to make certain concepts crystal clear where there is doubt and darkness which freuently assail the true seeker on the path If your uest for a life of purpose and need for this sacred science of light and force is strong then this knowledge will enter your heart and your soul will recognize them as long forgotten memories About the AuthorPBKolleri has traveled extensively across the globe and h.