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Wild Oats Epub Û 326 pages Download Ñ Goproled ↠ ➹ [Download] ➵ Wild Oats By Pamela Morsi ➼ – Goproled.co.uk The last thing Cora Briggs expected was to see a fine young man like Jedwin Sparrow at her doorstep After all she'd been shunned by the citizens of Dead Dog Oklahoma for so long that she'Oma for so long that she'd given up hope of having any respectable gentleman callersBut the last thing Jed expected was romance He was looking for a sophisticated I read this after reading Simple Jess and was fairly disappointed The characters were all just a bit annoying their motives not making much sense their behaviors inconsistent More than once I wanted to hit people and I spent a rather inordinate amount of time rolling my eyes and sighing I pretty much disliked everyone in it and by the end I was just glad it was over

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Woman to help him sow his wild oats Instead Cora made him a proposition of her own one that would cause a fury in the town and cause her to uestion her own heart I should have been bored by a romance that didn't have a hint of adventure I should have been turned off by a virgin hero with thinning hair and mama issues I should have been disinterested in a story set in a small town in Oklahoma Territory in 1906 I was none of those things Pamela Morsi has a talent for turning a humdrum location and extraordinarily ordinary people into a wonderful and enjoyable romance Every time I read one of her books I walk away learning something too embalming practices of the early 20th century anyone?This book opens with young mortuary owner Jedwin Sparrow knocking on the door of notorious divorcee Cora Briggs and politely propositioning her He has been warned away from prostitutes by his Festus like employee Haywood Puser The master embalmer told Jedwin There are decent women clean women that just need the slightest little push to go racing headlong off the straight and narrow One of my favorite relationships in the book is the one between Jedwin and the fatherly Haywood who imparts little nuggets of sage advice like gold just like FestusJedwin knows right away he wants to knock curvaceous Mrs Briggs the subject of every one of his teenage fantasies right off the path and into his arms Cora Briggs had been the first woman to make him experience desire And his desire for her had colored all his dreams and expectations of women both decent and indecent from that day forward Right there on page 46 the reader realizes Jedwin has always loved Cora albeit from afar and things are about to get up close and personalAs time goes on Jedwin falls for the beautiful much maligned divorcee One of the wonderful things about Jedwin is that he has learned in his role as undertaker to take people at face value; after all in the end everyone whether rich or poor or illiterate or educated dies Jedwin is incredibly likable even in his naivete Everything about him is honest and forthright and respectful He also shows a strength of purpose in his pursuit of Cora that is very very attractive At first it is in strictly lustful pursuits and then he is all about convincing Cora to have a future with him Jedwin knows how to handle people and he does it well even his Mama I love my mama and I'd defend her to the death if need be But she's a mite shy of perfect and I suspect I know that better than anyone He is wise and uietly commanding for all that he is just 24 years oldJust like many couples Jedwin and Cora do and say stupid things before they are fully committed and before they are sure of their feelings In this case what is said is pretty hurtful and I was a little taken aback at the uncharacteristic callousness of Jedwin and the impulsiveness of Cora I was so upset I almost put the book down but then I remembered this is a Pamela Morsi romance and I kept readingMorsi's setting and minor characters are very fully developed Few people are as talented at completely fleshing out time period and colorful townspeople as Morsi In this regard she never fails Her minor characters are given enough weight that they influence the plot and have the ability to adapt and change I love how she takes someone you don't really like much and then b

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Wild OatsThe last thing Cora Briggs expected was to see a fine young man like Jedwin Sparrow at her doorstep After all she'd been shunned by the citizens of Dead Dog Oklah Pamela Morsi has to be read to be believed and lovedHer historical19th century ‘Americana’ sagas with unassuming hs and beta Hs are so heartwarming and fulfilling to the soul While the hs are usually plain janes and at times older than the Hs; the Hs are handsome wholesome and honorable men And the small towns and its small minded people make an interesting background tapestry where no one is unimportant No one not even the ‘bad guys’ are really unredeemable So it is infused with warmth goodness resilience charity and deliverance‘Wild Oats’ is no exceptionThe premise is so interesting and captivating The 24 yrs old virginal H who is perpetually trying to deflect his domineering mama’s blackmailing ways gets the gumption of sowing some wild oats But the uestion is – who to sow them with? He finally settles on the 29 yrs old h his dream woman since boyhood Surely the scandalous and fallen divorcee would consider his proposition with charity The h misjudged and shunned by a town led by his mother sees a way of avenging herself by leading her nemesis’ son and then humiliating himBut of course the big blonde mortician’s gentle and caring ways make her forget everything else and yearn only for his company and love A love which he professes openly and with the help of his clumsy homespun poetry You are as fragrant as sweet myrtleAnd fair as the rosesI can be romanticThan you would ever supposesOr There was a young woman from Dead Dog Whose swain was as dumb as a boar hog He'd ne'er had a chance To learn of romance So he sat like a knot on a pine logHe even did odd chores for herwith poems For sure it ain't diamonds Nor neither 'tis pearls Can a sturdy new fence Please this swain's girl?Their first assignation in bed was short and well swift and our H was nothing if not thankful and expressive Thank you Mrs Briggs he murmured Oh thank you so much oh it was so good it felt so good oh thank you so much oh I love you oh—and fell asleep promptly And the h went from stunned to giggly to tendernessFrom here they went to their well deserved hea impelled by the H's determination to do right by his lady love and somewhat bogged down by the h's resolve to not drag down this gentle man's name with herOne thing that stood out was how the author portrayed most mothers in the story as distant uncaring and un empathetic towards their childrenIt was galling to me that the H’s mother the woman who had led a single minded crusade on the h’s ex MIL’s behest to malign and make the h’s life such hell for the past 8 yrs and now tried to heap guilt and blackmail on her son was given a sweet secondary romance of her ownBut then that is PM’s way Everyone is given a chance and a redemptionThe most interesting secondary character was of course the 14 yrs old Tulsa May the preacher’s plain and unconventional daughter The H thinks her a practical choice for a future wife – suitable and generous spirited But all he ever sees in her is a kid sister Can’t wait to read Tulsa May’s story with the son of this h’s ex husband introduced at the end as the handsome Luther ‘Greasy’ Briggs